Monday, 13 January 2014

# Motivation monday

Motivation Monday.

Good morning sweets, hope you all had a lovely weekend. I did. My Weekends are usually packed, but i find time to watch one or two movies, that's my way of relaxing. In as much as we try to lose weight, we must find time to relax too, its very very important to give some days of rest, especially for those that exercise a lot. A day to indulge minimally and relax. Spoil yourself a bit and eat that piece of cookie that you've been eyeing all week. A piece of cookie a week after a whole week of healthy fresh eating won't spoil your weight loss trust me, as long as you keep it small o. Don't go and eat one pack of cream cookies, then say its me that sent you. Lol.

Its good we start our week with some positive news/out look/words etc, however you may see it. I usually speak positive words to myself for the week. Sometimes i write them down. You can try that too. Hey, don't let anyone talk you down at work or at home, you are awesome, you are a child of God, therefore only good things can come your way. When i started losing weight, a lot of people tried to stop me by saying all sorts of awful and sad thing like; ("you wont look fine again if you lose weight", "you look sick", "your head looks big", "you look hungry", "see a doctor before you die, i don't want to mourn you o", "are you broke or something", "why do u look hungry?) with their mouths. All i did was laugh, eat healthy and exercised some more. I didn't let any of those words get to me. What they didn't realize was that the things they said only made me work harder and i kept looking good and younger and younger. Hahahaha..... Be mindful of the kind of "friends" you keep around you.

You know one funny thing i noticed eh, it was the fat and over weight people i knew you that tried to stop me and kill my spirit by saying these things to me, my slim and fit friends were the ones that kept motivating me and kept my spirit up. Hilarious!! Trust me, these sour belle people have been trying to lose weight for ages, and are still at the same spot. I just allow them to keep swimming in their ignorance. I draw strength from my family, good friends, good books, good movies and My father in Heaven. God has really been good to me. 

True, the journey we are on isn't that easy. Find your strength today and stay close to it. 2014 is our year, we will conquer all obstacles in Jesus name. Stay strong and God bless.

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