Friday, 17 January 2014

Look before you leap!

Hi sweets, hope your day has been going well and smooth. Well mine has been just ok. Today, i feel like lighting some little things that we may overlook or mistakes we make when trying to lose weight. The wellness and weight loss industry is booming because people fail to learn from their mistakes.

Slimming pills: Guys please be very careful how you spend your money on some of these fad weight loss pills out there. Not just that you will be throwing away a lot of money, but the fact that most of  these products don't work and they make you sick. Some of them have major side effects. I can authoritatively say that. Just that i don't want to mention the names of some of them here if not i for talk. The good ones that actually help to speed the body metabolism are not many. I have been obese almost all my life, what have i not tried? weight loss this, weight loss that, magic juice, miracle cream, hot soap, super fat melting lotion, name it!  They Never worked! Not until i discovered that i could simply eat good clean, healthy food, and then exercise that i started shedding weight. If i decide to calculate the amount of money i have wasted, on these products, i might be depressed for 1 week. Not just slimming pills o...

Gym: Before you register into a gym, do your own bit of research, how good are the instructors, how many equipments do they have, what kind of music do they play there(yes, you need music that will ginger you, not blues), how conducive is the environment, how secure is the locker room, etc these things are important. Check so that you don't regret paying 20k for a month and then end up going there just once. And don't just go to a gym because your friends go there or because there are fine boys there. Hahaha! (some people will bite me for this statement) *running*

Diet: Before you start on any diet, please talk it through with your doctor or dietitian. Most diets are really just meant to work on the short term, they are not meant for long term weight loss, there is no ''quick fix" when it comes to weight loss, you have to be patient, slow and steady the fat will melt. I don't recommend long term use of diet plans, because when you stop and cant continue, the weight which you left behind will run down and meet you, and guess what? it will bring its relations along this time. Lol! I recommend a good one week detox diet, then follow up with a healthy meal plan that you can relate with. Just Check your portions and you are good to go.

Look before you leap, and make the right choice which is eating healthy natural foods and exercising. Its true what they say "you are what you eat" Anybody that has lost weight and kept it off will tell you the same painful truth. Yes, its not that easy, but surely the fat will come off. Its a matter of knowing what you want, making up your mind, and stay determined. God bless.


  1. Hi Cheliz, please can you send me a meal plan the one you talked about.

    1. Hi Pretty, send me ur email so I can forward it to you. Thanks.

  2. Hi Cheliz, please can you send me a meal plan the one you talked about.

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