Monday, 6 January 2014

How to lose the baby weight.

Time to shed the baby weight!!!

Good day sweets, hope you all had a lovely weekend. I get a lot of mails from ladies that have trying to shed the baby weight, some still breast feeding, some have stopped. I strongly felt that i should share some tips that worked for me so that other women can benefit from it too. Like i always say, i am not a medical doctor, but i trust that some of my tips will work for you too  by God's grace. Before you start on this tips, please run them through your doctor. Thanks.
Cheliz @118kg some days before delivery in Dec of 2012. 
Cheliz @ 78kgs after11months of healthy eating and steady exercise.

  1. Don't Rush: First of all you need to identify that this process is not a sharp-sharp one, but you will get there eventually.
    Don't pay too much attention to the Hollywood celebs that do it in just 2 months after delivery. Pay attention to your own body and tune your mind to it and know that you can make it. It wont be long, and you will be wearing your old jeans again. If i can do it, trust me you can too. 
  2. Reduce Your Meal Portions: Its very common with us Nigerians to have our mums or aunts around after child birth so they can help with the baby and/or "force us to eat" plenty food....Lol! Before you know whats up, you have gained extra 10kg adding to the 20kg you gained while pregnant, choi! My first tip here is that: a.)Get a book, jot down your meals and make sure you stay within a 2000 calorie diet if you are breastfeeding and about 1500 if you have stopped breast feeding.   b.)You need to reduce each item on your plate to about your fist size. e.g: If you are having  Brown rice, veggie and fish, each item must not be bigger than your fist or palm size. c.)Eat at least 6 small meals a day. You need to eat something each time you feel hungry so as to keep your body engine going and pumping up your metabolism. This prevents your body from storing excess food as fat and also to help your body produce more nutritious milk for your baby. (Keep a balanced diet in mind).
  3. Drink Loads of Water: When i was still breastfeeding, i drank loads of water, at least 4 litres a day. Water at this point should be your best friend, it will help with flushing the system, fills you up so you don't feel hungry all the time, helps speed up your metabolism. It is recommended that we drink up to 8 glasses of water a day, but for nursing mums i personally think you should make it 10 or 12 glasses a day. 
  4. Eat loads of Fluid-like meals: Stock up on pepper soups, i used to make a large pot, portion them into small bowls and then store in the freezer. Soups are great for weight loss. make them with our local spices and herbs. i love scent leaves, i hear they are good for baby too. Also oats, pap, yoghurt are great for weight loss and nursing moms.
  5. Cut down on carbohydrates: I don't even know where to start with this one, i know its difficult especially after baby sucked all night, all you want to do in the morning is to chow down a large bowl of akpu and oha soup with cow leg, worst part is that mumsie is there to make it for you....hahahahaha! all i can say is "Say no to akpu and garri for now biko!" if you have to swallow, try wheat meals and semo instead. Cut down on white bread, pasta, pastries etc. Your tummy will be a lot happier with you. Of course i don't need to mention coke to all the coke lovers...hahahahaha! *runs away*
  6. Exercise: No matter how little please add some form of exercise to your daily routine. Even if its for 15 mins a day. You can do a 30 mins walk in the mornings to help ginger you for the day. It will help to tone up all the loose muscles you developed due to pregnancy.
  7. Breast feed: Nurse your baby as often as you can, it helps with weight loss.
  8. Healthy Snacks: Stock up on healthy snacks so you always have something good to nibble on anytime you feel like it. e.g apples, nuts, crackers etc. 
  9. Super foods: I ate loads and loads of this particular list when i was still nursing. they are everywhere and easy to cook and store. They give your body loads of nutrients that are good for you and your baby. I noticed one thing about weight loss, the body sheds excess fat when you feed it with nutritious meals as opposed to when you eat only carbohydrates all day every day. Milk, yogurt, fish, chicken, beef, green vegetables, carrots etc are great!
  10. Rest: try and relax and make time for yourself too. sleep when the baby is asleep. stay positive, and allow the fat to melt away gradually.
I hope these info helps you with your goal. Please don't try to diet when you are still breast feeding, it will affect your baby. Just eat nutritious meals in little quantities at eat time and the weight will gradually come off, don't even think of starving yourself. i wish you all the best. God bless.


  1. could you please specify the kind of milk you are referring to? please?.... Engee.

    1. Hi Engee, for a nursing mother realky any kind of milk is fine. Personally i think low fat milk is great. Same goes for yoghurt, plain unsweetened yoghurt is my option. Better still if you can find greek yoghurt, great!

  2. Thumb up Cheliz. I enjoyed reading ur health blog. Janenkiru Arikpo

  3. Cheliz, you are God sent. I have drained my battery trying to read through your articles. I was marvelled when I saw your before and after pic. Just ran to look for my skipping rope that I dumped since. Now weighing 98kg after my last baby and seriously needs to lose weight. Thanks for the motivation Ngozi

    1. Thanks a lot Ngozi. I really appreciate you dear. Lol make sure you find the skipping rope. Take care.