Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Guard your goods.

Hi dearys, been a while. Hope you are all doing great. Today its about sports bras. I was chatting with a client  the other day, and she said she didn't need a sports bra to workout, that she was ok using her normal bras. Well ok, i told her to be ready to keep buying new ones. Not only that, she should also be ready for bruises to her skin. #Ouch!

Sports bras are very necessary for exercising and working out. They provide great support for your boobs during any physical exercise. They are very comfortable. They come in different shapes and sizes and tension levels too, depending on the kind of exercise you want to use them for. They would protect your boobs from bouncing too much so you don't get injured, especially for nursing mothers.  Might also prevent them from sagging....Lol *runs away* The most important thing is that you find you perfect fit.

I have them for sale if you are interested. My price and quality are unbeatable, though not designers. Hehe. See some pics below. N3000 each.


  1. My ruby, I hv had this firm 500calories 4 like 2yrs now n I hvnt tried using it, I tried doing d exercise buh stopped @ no 2, buh since last week I started it buh I haven't gone beyond 30mins, surprisingly I finished it 2day. I hv started noticing changes in ma body, I feel more lighter. Thanks 2 u

    1. Hey Sally dear. Am so happy for you dear. Dont worry, the ginger will keep coming and you'll keep losing weight. Firm 500 is a good workout. Take care luv.