Friday, 31 January 2014

My New found love_Green tea.

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Ok, its not that new Lol, although i stopped drinking green tea for some time now, i just haven't been interested in having any. So last week, i went to a tea shop in Ikeja and found some really great teas, pure, fresh, dried, aromatic name it. They have all sorts. I decided to try their pure green tea (which they brew there for you if you want), and i was hooked.  I bought some for myself and I've been loving it since that time.

I Got me thinking, and i remembered how i used to down green tea when i first started this journey. It helped a lot with my weight loss. One great thing that green tea does (aside from many others)is; it curbs my appetite and i don't feel hungry for a while and it makes me feel energetic for the day. The best time to drink the tea is in the morning after a good meal. It totally cleanses and refreshes the blood.
                                    This is what my green tea leaves look like when soaked.

If you have forgotten your green tea, please try and buy some this weekend. Its good for everyone, not just for weight watchers. You can even get some as a small gift for your friends(just my thought) Take care guys and God bless.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Guard your goods.

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Hi dearys, been a while. Hope you are all doing great. Today its about sports bras. I was chatting with a client  the other day, and she said she didn't need a sports bra to workout, that she was ok using her normal bras. Well ok, i told her to be ready to keep buying new ones. Not only that, she should also be ready for bruises to her skin. #Ouch!

Sports bras are very necessary for exercising and working out. They provide great support for your boobs during any physical exercise. They are very comfortable. They come in different shapes and sizes and tension levels too, depending on the kind of exercise you want to use them for. They would protect your boobs from bouncing too much so you don't get injured, especially for nursing mothers.  Might also prevent them from sagging....Lol *runs away* The most important thing is that you find you perfect fit.

I have them for sale if you are interested. My price and quality are unbeatable, though not designers. Hehe. See some pics below. N3000 each.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Breakfast 101.

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Have you ever wondered why you don't feel like eating breakfast on some days? Yes, there are those lazy days when don't really feel like lifting a finger let alone going to the kitchen to make something. Many times i hear people say they don't eat breakfast at all, or that they are not breakfast people. Please allow me to generalize for now but feel free to correct me if i'm wrong. I personally feel that everyone must eat breakfast. I fail to do so sometimes, but it not because i am not hungry, but because i left the house the house early, on other times its because i ate a lot a day before and in a bid to make up for the excess calories, i skip breakfast till maybe around noon. 

I am writing about this because i did a small experiment on myself last week. On 3 days in a role, i ate huge portions of  rice and spaghetti at night with also a large portion of meat to go with it. in the mornings following those days, guess what i didn't feel hungry at all, and to make matters worse, i didn't feel like exercising. i felt very weak and full. So i was thinking maybe why some people don't eat breakfast is because they had so much starchy food a night before. (please correct me if i'm wrong). When i eat fresh and light meals at night, i wake up feeling hungry for good food. Meanwhile, here's what i eat on those days when i feel really hungry and have to dash out of the house early:
  1.  I spread sugar free jam or butter on two slices of bread, then make a cup of coffee in my travel mug.
  2. Sometimes i wash and pack an apple and a banana in a zip lock bag, then make my cup of coffee. 
  3. Other times i take 6 beloxxi crackers and my cup of coffee. (yes, i drink coffee a lot, i love it)
Am example of my 'hearty' breakfast. (about 400 calories)

Your meal calories should reduce as the day goes down. One thing i know for sure is breakfast is key, I said before that it kick starts my day, It starts my metabolism, and gives me a boost. On those days that i don't eat breakfast, i start feeling it by afternoon, i binge and binge. It totally scatters my system, then i regret not eating in the morning. For me, breakfast gives me ginger, i feel good after a hearty breakfast (it should be your heaviest meal of the day).
An example of my dinner on some days. (about 100 calories)

Guess what? If you don't eat breakfast, you wont lose weight, yes i said so. Starvation is not the answer to permanent weight loss. The answer to permanent weigh loss is a total lifestyle change; good portion of healthy meal through the day, water, sleep and exercise. I'm not perfect, but we must try abi? I laugh when people tell me that i don't eat. The secret to my weight loss isn't starvation, its that i manage what i eat, i don't even exercise much these days and yet I've been able to maintain a 77kg body weight range for over 3 months. Just master the art of counting calories and you'll be fine sweets. Kindly share your thoughts on this, so some people can benefit from it too. God bless.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My 5 belly fat burning tips.

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I'm sure some people can testify that burning belly fat is not a small 'sometin', especially when everyone around you isn't helping matters at all(eating this and dat, frying dis and dat). I know that feeling, i told myself, "enough is enough" time for change. here are some of the tips that has helped me to gain the mini 2 packs i have today Lol (i will show you a pic of it soon, when i gather enough liver ;))

  1. Water: When you wake up, first hing you want to do is to drink up a cup of warm water mixed with a dash of pure lemon juice. I do this every day for almost a year now and trust me it works. Sometimes i mix mine with some Swedish bitters for as good total body cleanse. Also, try cayenne pepper or ginger, tastes great.
     To get a flat tummy, you need to keep your colon clean by drinking lots of water daily, at least a 30cl bottle or 2 glasses after every meal.
  2. Exercise: Guys, when it comes to burning belly fat eh, there is no easy way out. If you want firm tummy so that when you wear tight fitting tops it looks good, then you have to work out. My favorite belly flattening exercises are squats, plants and a good 20 mins cardio exercise.
     Brisk walking for 30mins also helps.
  3. Breakfast: Hmmm, breakfast breakfast. All i can say is try your very best not to skip breakie, (these days i am so guilty of skipping breakie) but i try to make up for it the next day. Breakfast is good if you want that lean look because it keeps you from binging through out the day. My best breakfast tips for a very lean tummy is eggs, milk and yogurt. After a good workout, you need to replenish  with proteins and a good source is dairy. Thank God i love eggs, i don't go a day without my eggs. yummy. Just remember to watch your portions and don't hesitate to be versatile with food. 
  4. Avoid Alcohol: if you have been trying to lose the belly fat and its not working, do you take alcohol on a regular basis? The time has come for you to stop. Alcohol keeps you bloated and adds loads of water weight i tell you. Instead of a daily dose why not try it occasionally and do red wine instead.
  5. Dinner: A light dinner is a flat tummy's best friend. My favorite light dinner is a cup of chopped pumpkin leaves (ugwu)and a piece of fish. steam the two in a pot and add some onions and spices. Wake up the next day feeling alive, young and light! I love apples for dinner also, I eat 2 apples, then i wash them down with a fresh cup of chamomile tea and a bottle of water.
I really hope these tips work for you. I struggle with my tummy at times too, especially when i have had a lot to eat, but i still go back to these small tips and they work for me. God bless.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

10 Fat Burning Foods.

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Did you know that there are some foods that you could eat, and 80% of the work they did in your body was to burn fat? well its true. I didn't want to put this list on here, because its "precious" to me. Lol. As simple as this list may seem, not everyone knows it. These items can be found in almost every street side, shops etc. We see them everyday, but you know na, sometimes we prefer to buy puff puff and coke on a hot sunny afternoon yeah?
I just love love almonds!

I can say authoritatively, that even without exercise, these foods when incorporated in our daily diet, will enable us lose a lot of body fat. Some Nights when i don't want to eat anything heavy i just eat some apples and i get filled up real good, and my fat burning engine keeps working as i sleep. These days, i use garlic in almost every meal including fried eggs...yumm!

  1. Apples
  2. Grapefruits
  3. Spinach (greens and pumpkin leaves)
  4. Soups (made with Nigerian pepper soup spices)
  5. Almond (i like them raw)
  6. Black beans (check supermarkets for good quality ones)
  7. Cauliflower
  8. Cinnamon
  9. Coffee (my favorite)
  10. Garlic (super super fat burner)
Super Yummy, wonder apple.

There are others on this list but this here are my favorite 10. I cant even begin to tell you the benefits of these items, maybe you just need to take my word for it. When next you make your shopping list, please add at least 5 of these items on it. Kisses and God bless.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

My Yoghurt Delight.

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When it comes to deserts, I've never really been an ice cream fan, but give me some yoghurt....... mmmh, i will be happy. I have always loved yoghurt, when i was pregnant with my second baby i had so much of it that i lost count. The only thing that has changed since I've been on a weight loss journey  is that i don't eat the sweetened kind, i only do plain unsweetened yoghurt. I have developed a taste for it. I buy mine from a Lebanese store close to me, its really sour, creamy, loaded with lots of nutrients and very affordable.

Its plainness makes it easy for me to work with. Its fat free also. I had a heavy breakfast today so at lunch time, i didn't feel like eating any heavy meal so i made me a cup of yoghurt delight instead. Its very easy.
My yoghurt delight!

  •  I put a cup of plain yoghurt into a bowl._ 130 calories
  •  added some chopped bananas_ 60 calories
  •  and a table spoon of 100% strawberry syrup_20 calories
  • 10 cashew nuts. _ 90 calories
I didn't mix them all up because,  i like to taste every item in every scoop. Lol. Its really yummy, you need to try this and its very filling too. I don't think i will eat any other thing till 7 or 8pm. Have a blessed weekend sweets. God bless.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Look before you leap!

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Hi sweets, hope your day has been going well and smooth. Well mine has been just ok. Today, i feel like lighting some little things that we may overlook or mistakes we make when trying to lose weight. The wellness and weight loss industry is booming because people fail to learn from their mistakes.

Slimming pills: Guys please be very careful how you spend your money on some of these fad weight loss pills out there. Not just that you will be throwing away a lot of money, but the fact that most of  these products don't work and they make you sick. Some of them have major side effects. I can authoritatively say that. Just that i don't want to mention the names of some of them here if not i for talk. The good ones that actually help to speed the body metabolism are not many. I have been obese almost all my life, what have i not tried? weight loss this, weight loss that, magic juice, miracle cream, hot soap, super fat melting lotion, name it!  They Never worked! Not until i discovered that i could simply eat good clean, healthy food, and then exercise that i started shedding weight. If i decide to calculate the amount of money i have wasted, on these products, i might be depressed for 1 week. Not just slimming pills o...

Gym: Before you register into a gym, do your own bit of research, how good are the instructors, how many equipments do they have, what kind of music do they play there(yes, you need music that will ginger you, not blues), how conducive is the environment, how secure is the locker room, etc these things are important. Check so that you don't regret paying 20k for a month and then end up going there just once. And don't just go to a gym because your friends go there or because there are fine boys there. Hahaha! (some people will bite me for this statement) *running*

Diet: Before you start on any diet, please talk it through with your doctor or dietitian. Most diets are really just meant to work on the short term, they are not meant for long term weight loss, there is no ''quick fix" when it comes to weight loss, you have to be patient, slow and steady the fat will melt. I don't recommend long term use of diet plans, because when you stop and cant continue, the weight which you left behind will run down and meet you, and guess what? it will bring its relations along this time. Lol! I recommend a good one week detox diet, then follow up with a healthy meal plan that you can relate with. Just Check your portions and you are good to go.

Look before you leap, and make the right choice which is eating healthy natural foods and exercising. Its true what they say "you are what you eat" Anybody that has lost weight and kept it off will tell you the same painful truth. Yes, its not that easy, but surely the fat will come off. Its a matter of knowing what you want, making up your mind, and stay determined. God bless.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Fruits in season...January.

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There are 2 major fruits that are in season now in Nigeria, they are the avocado pear and Udara (african star apple). I was so happy when i went to the market this past weekend and saw my beloved udara smiling at me, dang! I was  happy! From far sef, you will see the tin shining. I pounced on it. I also got some avocado pear. I remember around this time last year, when i was about starting my weight loss journey, andc even when i started, the avocado pear was my best friend.Virtually Everything that God gave us, that grows on a tree is good for the body, and i'm out to embrace as many of them as i can. woohooo!!!
The avocado pear. 

Avocado pear has many benefits o, in as much as its high in calories, it is very good for the body and can aid weight loss if eaten in the right quantity and manner. e.g i used to eat like 1 whole avocado with a slice of wheat bread for breakfast, with a cup of green tea to wash it down. Its very filling and nourishing. I lost a lot of weight. There are different species of it, but for me, the darker kind when ripe is better (my opinion).

  1. Its high in saturated fats, monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. These kind of fat are good for the body and they lower bad cholesterol.
  2. Avocado is high in dietary fiber.
  3. Low in sodium, which is what we want for effective weight loss.
  4. Its high in vitamin c.
  5. Its low in sugar.
  6. Guess what? It curbs appetite. Yes! It keeps you full for a while. If you think i'm lying, oya try it tomorrow morning. 
  7. It makes the skin glow. No need for bleaching cream. hahahaha! 
Avocado is a super food!

Udara (african star apple) is very much in season now. They are highly nutritious. I also took a lot of udara when i was breastfeeding, because i was told it made the breast milk flow more (nursing mums take note) :)   What i love about this fruit is that it helps to keep my mouth busy if need be, i don't have to nibble on any high calorie food. It curbs my sugar cravings.
  1. Contains good fats, carbohydrates and calcium.
  2. High in antioxidants.
  3. High in vitamin C.
  4. Low in calorie.
  5. Lowers blood sugar. they say its good for anyone with diabetes. the leaves are medicinal too.
Maybe this weekend, i will share one of my avocado recipes with you guys. If you have any, please don't hesitate to share. Have fun with these fruits and stay healthy. God bless.

How well are you?

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I was reading 'The Apollo life wellness guide' (very good read by the way)and saw something i think some people would benefit from. Its a survey. You are meant to take the on-the-spot- check to find out how healthy and fit you are.

Test:                                                                                                                                   Response.

  1. Do you have a family history of cardiac ailments or cancer?                                        Yes     No
  2. Are you currently on any medication?                                                                         Yes     No
  3. Are you over weight?                                                                                                 Yes     No 
  4. Are you able to hold your breath for more than 60 seconds?                                       Yes     No
  5. Are you unable to touch your toes without bending your knees?                                  Yes     No
  6. Do you avoid eating fresh fruits and vegetables daily?                                                  Yes     No
  7. Do you eat commercial fast foods more than twice a week?                                        Yes     No
  8. Do you eat oily, salty or sweetened foods often?                                                        Yes     No
  9. Are you a perfectionist by nature?                                                                              Yes     No
  10. Are you unhappy with your occupation (work,studies,etc.)?                                       Yes     No 
  11. Are you unhappy with your home life?                                                                        Yes     No
  12. Did you currently face any major crises or problem?                                                  Yes     No 
  13. Do you smoke?                                                                                                         Yes     No
  14. Do you frequently consume alcohol?                                                                          Yes     No
  15. Do you eat paan, supari, tobacco,or other related products?                                      Yes     No
Scoring Key:
1 point for every Yes answer.
2 points for every No answer.
Max score is 30.
The higher the score, the closer you are to good health.

Sweets, this is just a test (more like a reality check to me)and does not 100% determine that you are ill, although there is plenty truth to it. The best way to know your state of health is to talk to your doctor and run some tests. Most of the time though our bodies give us the signs that all is not well, we just choose to ignore them. Its not just about loosing weight, we are trying to live very health lives. Please share your score with us lets just have fun with it. Take care and God bless.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Toned arms 101.

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There is nothing sexier than toned limps i swear. Right now, my arms are by far my best assets.You know why? I look better in sleeveless dresses and tops, (fyi i dreaded sleeveless before. Lol) I look way way slimmer than someone else that's same body weight as me, in general it defines my body well by giving me that figure '8' silhouette .
Check out those toned arms and shoulders on Mrs Obama!
 A few months ago, i found the importance of toning the arms and shoulders then i stuck with it, it has definitely paid off. I used to have very very large arms and wrist. My arms were like 16 inches before i started losing weight and as at last month, they were 12 inches. I have lost about 4 inches and the difference is very clear.

If you want to shape and tone your arms, here are some tips.
  • Try to lose a bit of weight first. If you are still a bit over weight, you won't really see the effect  until a bit more fat melts away, then you start to see the definition.
  • Get on a healthy fruits and veggie rich meal plan.
  • Eat loads of proteins to help build muscles.
  • Use weights and resistance bands: Don't use weights that are too light, or weights that are too heavy, it has to be right or get two weight ranges like i have. e.g: dumbbells, kettle bells are good. 
  • These are my workout buddies.
  • If you workout at home like me do these exercises: Bench dips, push ups, skipping, weight training.
  • If you go to the gym do these: Do bench presses, use the cable tower machine, the shoulder press machine, elliptical machine. These machines will help burn major fat from the arm area.
This one pass me o. Lol
My best out of all these and what i feel works faster are dumbbells and push ups, i can put my money on them any day. The secret is just to be consistent in all and work them at least 2 times a week and 30 mins a day that's all. In a month u will be seeing a huge difference. Forget about the scale for now, instead use a tight shirt or dress to measure your progress. 
Take it easy sweets, slow and steady we will get there, its not by magic. Stay positive and watch your meal portions. God bless. 

Motivation Monday.

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Good morning sweets, hope you all had a lovely weekend. I did. My Weekends are usually packed, but i find time to watch one or two movies, that's my way of relaxing. In as much as we try to lose weight, we must find time to relax too, its very very important to give some days of rest, especially for those that exercise a lot. A day to indulge minimally and relax. Spoil yourself a bit and eat that piece of cookie that you've been eyeing all week. A piece of cookie a week after a whole week of healthy fresh eating won't spoil your weight loss trust me, as long as you keep it small o. Don't go and eat one pack of cream cookies, then say its me that sent you. Lol.

Its good we start our week with some positive news/out look/words etc, however you may see it. I usually speak positive words to myself for the week. Sometimes i write them down. You can try that too. Hey, don't let anyone talk you down at work or at home, you are awesome, you are a child of God, therefore only good things can come your way. When i started losing weight, a lot of people tried to stop me by saying all sorts of awful and sad thing like; ("you wont look fine again if you lose weight", "you look sick", "your head looks big", "you look hungry", "see a doctor before you die, i don't want to mourn you o", "are you broke or something", "why do u look hungry?) with their mouths. All i did was laugh, eat healthy and exercised some more. I didn't let any of those words get to me. What they didn't realize was that the things they said only made me work harder and i kept looking good and younger and younger. Hahahaha..... Be mindful of the kind of "friends" you keep around you.

You know one funny thing i noticed eh, it was the fat and over weight people i knew you that tried to stop me and kill my spirit by saying these things to me, my slim and fit friends were the ones that kept motivating me and kept my spirit up. Hilarious!! Trust me, these sour belle people have been trying to lose weight for ages, and are still at the same spot. I just allow them to keep swimming in their ignorance. I draw strength from my family, good friends, good books, good movies and My father in Heaven. God has really been good to me. 

True, the journey we are on isn't that easy. Find your strength today and stay close to it. 2014 is our year, we will conquer all obstacles in Jesus name. Stay strong and God bless.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Fun Friday tins.

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Hey sweets its Friday! Don't really know why i'm excited, guess i'm just happy to be alive and well. I don't feel like doing much today, i just want to share some motivational pics with you guys, something to ginger us to lose weight. Maybe this will help someone out there to make the decision to finally drop the excess weight that's causing 'em baggage and so much heaviness. I know what it feels like to be over weight and laughed at, especially when you try your best to dress well and walk with your head up, someone out there still finds a way to make us feel bad and spoil our day. The power is in our hands, we and only we (individually) can make that change. I have, i lost over 33kgs already. God is awesome i wear!

Something funny happened to me just this morning, i went to the bank to do some transactions and the teller guy, looked at my picture on his computer and looked at me, looked again at his computer and looked at me. He then said, "'eerm madam, you are not the same person here" lol. I said to him, "oh yes, i am not dear, i lost over 30kg that's why" He then said again, "but you look much younger", I said; "yes, i told you, i lost over 30kg so i look younger". He laughed and gave me the transaction slip to sign again for the 3rd time because he still wasn't convinced. He finally told me that i needed to change my passport. Lol. I still cant stop laughing and feeling good about it. Hard work does pay you know. If you really want to lose that weight, NOW is the time. Prove to everyone around you that you are worth it, that you are beautiful inside and out, it may take a few months and some kgs of fat to melt, for them to see it, but just DO IT!!! 

I put together a few pics of some Hollywood celebs that have lost weight over the years, just for our viewing pleasure.

Jenifer Hudson.  Lost over 38kgs

Kelly Osborne. Lost over 22kg

Perez Hilton. Lost over 33kg

Snooki. Lost  19kgs

Raven Simone. Lost 30kgs

 Have a nice weekend sweets. Don't forget to workout tomorrow plzzz, even if its just for 15mins abeg. Love you, Muah! Talk to you soon, God bless you.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Skipping and weight loss.

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Hi sweets, guess what? Something sad happened to me yesterday morning, as in eh, it was so bad that i shed a tear. Just guess? Hmmm, so that's how i was busy with my skip-rope session o, next thing i heard a snap, the rope whipped my legs hard, just like that the handle pf my skipping rope snapped in two. Can you imagine? no signal, nothing, chai!!!
See the broken end of my skipping rope*sniff sniff*

Just as i was getting my grove on with the skipping. Mtsheeww! I removed the rope from the other handle thinking i could still manage to finish my routine, but it didn't work well at all. I just have to buy a new one, because even the strongest of all super glues will not hold this one. I decided to use this opportunity to even share the gains of skipping with you guys.

I have been skipping every other day since October last year, on some good days, i do up to 2000 skips, on some other days i do about 1000 skips. Recently, i try not to skip daily because i feel the burn in my things and calves for days and it burns too many calories at once. For people that want to lose weight fast, skipping is a very good option. Did you know that you could burn up to 1000 calories just by skipping for 30 mins (or 1200 skips?)

Skipping is a good form of cardio, and a very fast way to lose weight when you combine it with low calorie meals. See, at my current weight of 77.5kg, if i skip 1000 skips, i burn over 800 calories, imagine? So if someone that weighs 100kg should skip same amount, she would burn over 1100 calories! That's good news o! By the time you are done, you'll be sweating buckets mehn! hahahahaha! So will you try skipping? Please do o, i hope to hear your results. Let me go shop for a new rope. Talk to you guys later. God bless.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

My new found love_Pure Cocoa

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Its surprising the long list of goodies and foods that one can live on while trying to lose weight and stay fit. The list is endless, one can have fun, and keep dropping kgs i tell you. I came across this item in a shop and decided to try it, i have been on it for some weeks, and i completely love it. you want to know? Lol.. i love suspense, hehehe....its 100% pure cocoa! Yes, pure cocoa powder. I used to think it was a boring elder brother of a chocolate bar, but not anymore. As usual, i did my research.

It has great benefits and even aids in weight loss. Surprised? ok, let me tell you why.

  • Its loaded with antioxidants that are even 3 times more than that which is in green tea.
  • It lifts my mood and helps me through a workout, ie on days when i take a small cup before exercising.
  • It improves cardiovascular health and improves blood flow in the system. (yes i do feel a difference)
  • It improves memory, and helps one think better. This is great to take in the mornings before an active (brain work)day at work.
  • It helps curb kidney disease and diabetes.
  • It contains less that 7 calories per teaspoon! This is good news guys!!
This is what a tablespoon full looks like.

I have different ways of making mine, depending what i feel like having. i mix it with oats and bananas sometimes. You know it has a bit of bitter taste, so when i mix it with the oats and bananas, its a mix of bitter and sweet, which is yummy!
Some times like this morning, i made mine with cinnamon and coffee. You need to try this guys. I bet you will make another cup. hahahaha. And guess what, its just about 35 calories per cup. here's my recipe:
  • A teaspoon of cocoa powder: 7 calories
  • A pinch of cinnamon: about 3 calories
  • 2 Spoons of low fat creamer: about 25calories
  • 2 sachets of 0 calorie sweetener: 0 calorie
  • half a tsp of coffee: less that 2 calories.
My yummy cup of cocoa!

You feel me? so it means i can get away with some fried eggs and 2 slices of bread along with that!!! yaayyy!! For those that have a sweet tooth, you can try honey also. I think everyone should try this. I will try to bake with it soon. The whole point is to keep it as healthy as possible sweets. If you need the name of the cocoa powder i use, pls text me or call me 08025806183, no free adverts here o. Lol. Please try this out and lets know what you think. God bless,

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Portion control.

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The best asset that anyone who wants to lose weight must possess is discipline. One must be disciplined enough to downsize. By downsize, i mean cutting down on food size. The quantity of food that one eats is really the cause of weight gain. Its even worse if one eats processed foods that are loaded with sugars and salt and all manner of preservatives that are bad for the body.

Its not easy, though but its very doable to reduce the amount of any kind of food that we eat. I had and i still have issues with this at times, especially when it comes to the kind of food that i love. There are some tricks that i use to check myself to make sure that i don't over eat. Eg:

  1. Smaller plates/bowls: i have written about this before i think. This really works for me guys, i use little bowls like soup bowls for most of my food and i use a fork to eat most of my meals. Why i use a fork is so i can carry little food at a time which takes longer to finish a small meal. By the time i'm done with the food, my tummy is about filled up, then i drink a bottle of 75cl of water, then 1 more afterwards.
    This strategy has been working and still works for me. No matter the food i'm having, i pack it up in a bowl. If its rice and stew, i mix it up in a pan, then pour it into my bowl, so i don't have to struggle with mixing it. u get?
  2. Palm size: I posted something on this yesterday, no matter the food item on your plate, it shouldn't be bigger than the size of your fist or palm. Gbam! 
  3. Don't skip meals: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this is not cliche, it is a fact! If you want to lose weight, please start eating breakfast, even if its just a cup of green tea and some crackers, its something, and your body needs it, its your fuel/starter for a great day. Take this example;  its 10am in the office, look around for the guy that looks tired and grumpy, i bet you he's yet to have breakfast! Hehehe!!
  4. Weigh your food: This i agree is a bit of work especially for people that are always on the go or are always very busy. Its very important. Studies have shown that those that weigh and eat the exact amount of food they need per day, get to shed more weight. Kitchen scales are sold in many shops around, if you can, please try and get one.
    On the days when you have the time, you can weigh, divide and store your meals for the week. You can take out time to do this on Saturdays or on Sunday evenings.
Discipline and even a bit of commitment will take us a long way sweets, long enough to reach our goals i pray in Jesus name. It is well. I wish you guys all the best. God bless.

Monday, 6 January 2014

How to lose the baby weight.

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Time to shed the baby weight!!!

Good day sweets, hope you all had a lovely weekend. I get a lot of mails from ladies that have trying to shed the baby weight, some still breast feeding, some have stopped. I strongly felt that i should share some tips that worked for me so that other women can benefit from it too. Like i always say, i am not a medical doctor, but i trust that some of my tips will work for you too  by God's grace. Before you start on this tips, please run them through your doctor. Thanks.
Cheliz @118kg some days before delivery in Dec of 2012. 
Cheliz @ 78kgs after11months of healthy eating and steady exercise.

  1. Don't Rush: First of all you need to identify that this process is not a sharp-sharp one, but you will get there eventually.
    Don't pay too much attention to the Hollywood celebs that do it in just 2 months after delivery. Pay attention to your own body and tune your mind to it and know that you can make it. It wont be long, and you will be wearing your old jeans again. If i can do it, trust me you can too. 
  2. Reduce Your Meal Portions: Its very common with us Nigerians to have our mums or aunts around after child birth so they can help with the baby and/or "force us to eat" plenty food....Lol! Before you know whats up, you have gained extra 10kg adding to the 20kg you gained while pregnant, choi! My first tip here is that: a.)Get a book, jot down your meals and make sure you stay within a 2000 calorie diet if you are breastfeeding and about 1500 if you have stopped breast feeding.   b.)You need to reduce each item on your plate to about your fist size. e.g: If you are having  Brown rice, veggie and fish, each item must not be bigger than your fist or palm size. c.)Eat at least 6 small meals a day. You need to eat something each time you feel hungry so as to keep your body engine going and pumping up your metabolism. This prevents your body from storing excess food as fat and also to help your body produce more nutritious milk for your baby. (Keep a balanced diet in mind).
  3. Drink Loads of Water: When i was still breastfeeding, i drank loads of water, at least 4 litres a day. Water at this point should be your best friend, it will help with flushing the system, fills you up so you don't feel hungry all the time, helps speed up your metabolism. It is recommended that we drink up to 8 glasses of water a day, but for nursing mums i personally think you should make it 10 or 12 glasses a day. 
  4. Eat loads of Fluid-like meals: Stock up on pepper soups, i used to make a large pot, portion them into small bowls and then store in the freezer. Soups are great for weight loss. make them with our local spices and herbs. i love scent leaves, i hear they are good for baby too. Also oats, pap, yoghurt are great for weight loss and nursing moms.
  5. Cut down on carbohydrates: I don't even know where to start with this one, i know its difficult especially after baby sucked all night, all you want to do in the morning is to chow down a large bowl of akpu and oha soup with cow leg, worst part is that mumsie is there to make it for you....hahahahaha! all i can say is "Say no to akpu and garri for now biko!" if you have to swallow, try wheat meals and semo instead. Cut down on white bread, pasta, pastries etc. Your tummy will be a lot happier with you. Of course i don't need to mention coke to all the coke lovers...hahahahaha! *runs away*
  6. Exercise: No matter how little please add some form of exercise to your daily routine. Even if its for 15 mins a day. You can do a 30 mins walk in the mornings to help ginger you for the day. It will help to tone up all the loose muscles you developed due to pregnancy.
  7. Breast feed: Nurse your baby as often as you can, it helps with weight loss.
  8. Healthy Snacks: Stock up on healthy snacks so you always have something good to nibble on anytime you feel like it. e.g apples, nuts, crackers etc. 
  9. Super foods: I ate loads and loads of this particular list when i was still nursing. they are everywhere and easy to cook and store. They give your body loads of nutrients that are good for you and your baby. I noticed one thing about weight loss, the body sheds excess fat when you feed it with nutritious meals as opposed to when you eat only carbohydrates all day every day. Milk, yogurt, fish, chicken, beef, green vegetables, carrots etc are great!
  10. Rest: try and relax and make time for yourself too. sleep when the baby is asleep. stay positive, and allow the fat to melt away gradually.
I hope these info helps you with your goal. Please don't try to diet when you are still breast feeding, it will affect your baby. Just eat nutritious meals in little quantities at eat time and the weight will gradually come off, don't even think of starving yourself. i wish you all the best. God bless.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Got leftovers?

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I am sure like me, many people have some left over chicken, beef, fish, veggies, etc from all the holiday cooking. Whether  fried, boiled, roasted or burnt they must be used one way or the other abi? Well since i love to experiment with my cooking, i decided to try some things with mine. Eating healthy and trying to lose weight doesn't have to be boring and dry you know. Even though I often have veggies at home, i think this can help you do something with yours for the weekend.

1. My Veggie and Noodles meal:
    A serving (raw) of Chinese noodles

  • Carrots
  • Cabbage
  • Onions
  • Green beans
  • Green pepper
  • Shrimps (half a cup or about 15 small pieces)
  • Noodles (i use plain Chinese noodles) 150 calories per serving.
The finished product.
This is basically a stir fry, i use a table spoon of canola oil (100 calories)to fry the shrimps with some basic spices, and seasoning, then add the veggies chopped, then i add a bit of water to help steam the veggies for about 2 mins. The water also helps to form a bit of extra sauce because i hate dry noodles. After you must have boiled the noodles in a separate pan, pour all the veggies on it or stir in the pan if you like. i love to have this for Lunch or dinner, its very filling and yummy. This meal totals about 360 calories, which is very ok. try this recipe pleaseeeeee.

2. My Home made Shawarma:
  • 1 Flat arabian bread (about 150 calories) Lebanese stores sell them for about N250

  • Chopped Carrots, cabbages, etc (about 30 calories)

  • Chopped chicken or fish bits. or both (about 50 calories)
  • a tea spoon of low fat mayonnaise, or plain yogurt. (about 29 calories)
  • I like adding a bit of hot sauce to mine. Lol
I'm a big shawarma fan, but i'm always scared of what they mix in it, so this inspired me to make mine this way, i can be sure of how many calories i'm consuming. I mix the veggies with the mayo, then spread on the flat bread, spread the chicken bits, and add your hot sauce or a spoon of ketchup if you like. (please remember that your portion is key, if you want to maintain weight loss, so everything must be done minimally abeg oooo. So fold the bread and enjoy. I press mine a bit in the toaster so its hot. This meal can me eaten as breakfast, it contains about  270 calories which is fab for breakfast, because it means you can add a cup of tea or coffee to make it about 300 calories. Remember portion control guys.
                                                          My roll. Yummmyyyyy!!!
These meals are healthy, but shouldn't be eaten on a daily basis. For those on a detox diet, please don't attempt this for now until you have fully cleansed, else it will affect your results. Enjoy your weekend y'all.
God bless.