Friday, 1 November 2013

My bean-corn special. (beanco)

Yay! It's the weekend! I love making homey meals on weekends and I try to make something different each time. When I say homey, I mean 'local meals' I was out all day today, so I made this rather late and rushed to eat before it gets too late for me. I have a cut off time that I eat my dinner, if it's past that time I eat only fruits. I actually planned to post this tomorrow, but then I changed my mind because I know some of my friends will like to try it, so you guys can plan now on what to buy tomorrow.

I call this one my 'Bean-corn one pot special'. I love making one-pots, it's easier for me and I think the food tastes better when all the flavours marinade. So here are the ingredients:
1. Beans
I use a knife to scrape my corn so the milk can also come out.

2. Corn
Ugba. I prefer them a bit fermented.

3. Ugba (oil bean)
Roughly chopped Ugwu.

4. Ugwu (pumpkin leaves) roughly chopped
5. Nchu anwu (scent leaves) finely chopped
This is ogiri, I actually wanted to use the black ones but I ran out.

6. Ogiri (iru, Dawadawa, locust bean)
7. Turkey pieces. (not cumpulsory)
8. pepper
9. Crayfish
10. Onions
11. Palm oil
12. Potash (kanwu)
13. Salt and maggi cubes.

How to prepare:

  • Boil the turkey separate after you must have seasoned it the way you like. 
  • Boil the beans for a while (depending on the kind of beans) in just water till its al dente (almost cooked) then add the raw corn to cook for another 15 mins. Please don't add salt or any other thing into the beans and corn yet so the corn can soften well. I then add a bit of potash into the cooking beans and corn to give it that porridge feel and look when it's done. 
  • Add the chopped onions and cook for 5 mins
  • Add the turkey stock. ( please turkey isn't cumpulsory. Na my longa throat cause am)
  • Add the palm oil pepper, crayfish and ogiri (this must be pounded together in a mortar to mix the flavours well and give it that local taste and aroma) Lol! Kai I love describing food oooooo.
  • Add salt and maggi
  • Add the cooked turkey now.
  • Add the ugba, Ugwu and scent leaves then mix all nicely. Taste for salt and adjust as you like. P.s your neighbors will be licking their lips at this point. Hahahahaha! You can even add bits of stock fish, dry fish etc to make it very very rich.

So when your done, cover the pot and allow the food to rest for about 10 mins (if your throat will allow you) after that you can dish for everyone. I doubt if kids will like this, I use mine as example. Lol. I warmed rice for them just in case, I can't shout. I stored some of my bean-corn in the freezer because I prefer this kind of meal a day old, the taste matures after 24 hours. (trust me it does. Stop laughing)
Here's the finished product.

I ate mine some hours ago, *burp* and then assisted it with some fresh pawpaw just in case, you know now. Let me go and tidy up some stuff, I hope you guys love my recipe. Please let us know what you think. Take care, God bless and have a fab weekend.