Tuesday, 8 October 2013

New arrivals!!

Boom!!  Your workout gear is here! No more excuses, time to get up and burn it! #smile
In stock now are cool workout DVD N2500 each designed to burn fat for days. For real it works, people are seeing results, don't be left out. 
*Jillian Michaels; extreme shed and shred

*Billy Blanks; best of fat burners.
*Leslie Sansone; Walk away the pounds. Comes with a free stretchie band.

*Jillian Michaels; No more trouble Zones
*Jackie Warner; Xtreme time saver trainings
*Jackie Warner; Power circuit training
*Jackie Warner; Crunch free Xtreme Abs.

*Billy Blanks; Taebo, total body fat Blaster. 

*All manner of sports bras in diff shapes, colors and sizes N2000 each
* Sports socks: N500 each
*Head bands in diff colors: N500 each
*workout tops: N2500 each
Operation first come, first served.
BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOM!! Is all I can say we are burning it, what are u doing? Please email me tocheli@yahoo.com to place an order. All items are limited in supply, so don't waste time. Thanks 


  1. I need a dungbell of 3kg each and a resistance band. Do u have in stock???

    1. Hi Uche, I'm sorry for the late reply, I had a vey long day. I don't have them in stock, but I guess you can buy from the sports shops in shoprite if you are in Naija. Thanks. Cheers.

  2. Am 5feet and weigh about 55kg.. I have a lot of fat concerntrated in my arm and laps. Which of the dvds would you recommend?

    1. Hi dear, I would recommend Jackie warner extreme time saver training, she's good with arms and things. Then also, billy blanks fat burner dvd 4 in 1. U'll ♡ them. Cheers.

  3. Am currently using jillian's 30 day shred..nd i can say,, though am not anxious of gettng results,, i feel fit.. On my day 6.. More strength nd resistance from day 1...

    1. Hi Abies, ur right 30 day shred is a very good workout. Combined with a good clean diet, the result is amazing! Thanks dear.

  4. hi pls which workout DVD will u recommend for me for belly fat after 3 children.

    1. Wow! Ego. Its not beans to have 3 kids o, kudos luv. first of all reduce starchy meals and eat lots of veggies and fruits and water especially at night. Most workouts give you a workout for the abs. its left for you to do these other things to give you a flatter mid section.