Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My Cod fish pepper soup recipe.

Hi dears, I was supposed to post this yesterday, but network was angry with me. *rolling eyes* hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was cool, I spent the entire time watching movies since I didnt  have any good book to read. *sad face* so I was chatting with a friend of mine, she wanted to know what fish to add to her pepper soup. You know, when your watching what you eat,  and trying to lose weight, its very easy to make a mistake. So it gave me an idea to share some of my very simple and healthy meals this week. So today its my healthy  'Cod Fish pepper soup. (Cod is same as Panla or Okporoko fish in native Nigerian languages) There are many varieties if cod, but generally any white fish is really good.

1. Frozen Cod fish: I don't use the dry one because its too salty. This fish is good because its lean and great for weight loss. You might want to try Mackerel fish which is low in sodium and high in protein content. A bit oily though.
A variety of Cod fish.

2.Mixed spices: you can get these from any local market, already blended. I will advise you buy your own spice cloves then blend to your taste for freshness. These spices are really good for weight loss, they detoxify and cleanse the body. E.g: uda, ehuru, Uziza. (sorry, I only know the native names, my mummy brought them for me.)*runs away* lol.
This is my own mixed spice. It has a long shelf-life, and very aromatic. Ask for it any local market. 

3. Scent leaves: cures tummy aches, relieves stress, relieves catarrh, contains atifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic qualities.
Scent leaves, they are everywhere and smell great.

4. Assorted dry fish, avoid those oily ones.
5. Yellow pepper: this is my favourite kind of pepper, adds a lovely sweet and smokey flavour to my meals.
6. Salt.
7. Maggi seasoning.
This is what my finished product looks like. This will help you shed loads of fat. Yumm yumm yumm!! Don't eat too much o!

Its really easy, I usually do a 'one-pot' I add every thing together in the pot except for the cod fish and scent leaves, allow to simmer for 10mins then add the cod and scent leaves to simmer for about 5mins and voila! its done. I make a big pot and freeze in bowls. Its very light, fresh, yet filling, that is why i don't add yams to mine. You can even take a frozen bowl to the office, pop it in the microwave at lunch time :) Try it and please let me know what you think. Kindly drop a comment before you leave. Thanks and God bless you.


  1. Really nice tho i bought the wrong fish, they call it argentile, looks like what u posted but the stockfish texture isnt there, pls can one buy the real cos fish. This is ify meanwhile my body aches from yesterdays workout awwww

  2. Ify, did u end up making it yeasterday? Hope u loved it. You can use any white fish. But, if u have to use stockfish, try and soak it in water for 2hrs to rid a bit of the salt and get it soft. It will come out great. As for the body aches, am happy ur feeling it, it means the fat has started burning up. Make sure u excercise daily for maximum result. Take care luv. Keep it up!

    1. Ok..... I have a confession, dnt take it personal *in D banjs voice* I started my workout, & diet bt had to stop my work out cz my girl(maid) started school bt I'm still on with my diet though tried getting a jump rope bt I sprained my lleg in d process though my diet is still on sha bt I dnt skip like befor *covering my face*. Can I use cat fish? D ones they sell in water(a.k.a point-and-kill) lol?

    2. Hi Uche, so sorry about ur leg. When working out, you need to have on a very good pair of trainers so you don't injure yourself. And always land softly on your toes when skipping. Keep a good form always. Just continue with your diet, till u get better. Meanwhile you can try crunches instead of just sitting it out daily till you get better. I personally don't like cat fish, too slimy for me. I guess you can use it, can't be too bad. Lol @ point and kill. Take care of your leg o, and be strong. *kisses*

  3. For uche, pls dont gv up o,i hv 2kids nd no maid ve strted the workout just recentlym its very hard but its all for a gud cause. Im doing it for me, to be strong nd fit for my kids too, so go girl! See u at d skinny side .*wink* this is ify

    1. Thanks for that word Ify. I know you ladies will do me proud. Keep it up darlings. *muah!!

  4. Ok. Thanks guys. Wld try d Fish p.soup bt the uziza & ehuru remind me of my omugwo days *yuk* ify tnks for d encouragement. I would do my best!!!! Cz I want to be HOT like Tochi oooo.

  5. Hahaha! Uche you are funny o, hmmmm. I have seen your latest pic and u are definitely hot! Keep it up, you look gorgeous.

  6. Tnks boo. We r following ur lead ooo. Lol.