Sunday, 27 October 2013

Got sweet tooth?

Even as I watch what I eat and try as much as I can to lose weight monthly, I don't deprive myself of some "sugar" ( I don't mean white sugar o) before some people will go and start gorging themselves of st.Louis sugar hahahaha! What I mean is that I still satisfy my sweet cravings one way or the other. The trick is to keep in mind the quantity of what I consume and it's calorie content. The more natural the substance the better, and the more benefits there are for me. So here are some of my favorite sweets.

1. Tropicana slim: this is a brand of low calorie sweetner, i so love this brand because it doesn't leave me bloated like some other brands do. It contains sorbitol which is a natural nutritive sweetner. Tropicana slim is just 6 calories per satchet. I use it for my coffee alone. Please be careful the kind of artificial sweetner you buy, some of them are not so healthy. I just don't want to mention their names here. 

2. Dark chocolates: yay! Love me some chocolate goodness any day any time. This I love so much, but I try as much as I can not to eat too much of it at once. My best brands are 'Lindt and Toblerone'. The best ones are the ones that contain up to 70% cacao. Dark chocolates contains antioxidants and heart healthy properties. Once you keep your portions in check, you won't have issues, trust me.
My best!

3. Honey: "Super honey" as I love to call it. I call it that because it has 1000 and 1 benefits, even in small quantities. I am not a honey freak o, but I don't fail to use it especially when I don't have much of a choice. I force myself to use it because I know it's good for me. If I start to highlight the benefits of honey, I would not finish today, so here are just a heals wounds and burns, treats allergies, fights infections, great for facials, strengthens the hair, calms the nerves etc.

4. Pineapples and bananas and raisins: wheneva I want to satisfy my sweet tooth without feeling the guilt of doing so, I turn to my beloved fruits. You can't go wrong with fruits. Apples and bananas do it for me. I sweeten my oats and cereals with them and they taste great. 
My beloved fruits.

Kindly stay away from regular white sugars, they are bad for you. Did you know that the more you stop eating regular white sugar, the more you stop craving it? Natural sweetners and fruits are the best alternatives to regular white sugars, they don't have any significant side effects that are detrimental to the body they are the best option for those seeking to lose some weigth. The best way to know what amount of calories you are eating is to always check the back of the product, it will tell you the serving size and how many calories it contains per serving. Make sure you don't go over. ( I see some people rolling their eyes) lol. Ok oo. Please share with us the sweets you love and those you use to satisfy your cravings.
White sugar.

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  1. Thanx 4 d info,pls how do I calculate my BMI nd d amount of calories in my food? Feyi

    1. Hi Feyi, kindly refer to older posts on this blog, I posted something on BMI calculation. Check the back of packed foods for their calorie contents or visit for more. Thanks and take care.

  2. Black chocolate sounds really nice.

  3. Wat abt brown sugar.. Labake

    1. Hi Labake, for me brown sugar is in the same boat as white sugar. Still a no-no for me. Thanks for your comment dear.