Thursday, 31 October 2013

# Counting calories

Counting Calories...Part 2.

Basically, every food contains calories except for water. The idea behind calorie counting is to know the calorie contents of most raw and packed foods (most raw natural foods) off the top of your head so that when you are faced with a challenge of figuring out what to eat in a strange place, it won't be difficult to conquer. Because I know I wont want to spoil my workout with an unwanted 500 calorie meal or thing that I have never tasted before or that I didnt know how many calories it contained. That would be just sad.

Not to worry though, nutritionists have done most of the work for us already. Just go online and jot down as many foods as you can into your journal, write down their calorie contents beside each of them. Remember that it's always based on the food portion or size or weight. This makes it easy for you to refer to it when you want to calculate your daily consumption. Yes you can use (they have Nigerian meals too) also try but start by knowing what to do on your own before going to the site for further help. Here are some basic food items and their calorie contents:
. Apples- small 101g = 53cals.
. Eggs- 1 large 50g = 78cals
. Wheat bread- 1 slice of 28g = 69cals
. Oranges- 1 small 96g = 45cals
. Banana- 1 small 81g = 72cals.
. Cucumbers- 100g = 16cals

                 This is exactly the kind of scale i have, just that mine is red. Don't laugh o.

Some foods might not be straight forward, for instance a bowl of soup or eba.What I normally do when I want to calculate such is that I calculate the items in the soup separately. E.g:  fish/chicken, spoon of oil, vegetables, okro, etc. most time I round them up so that I can assume a worse case scenario. Then if it's eba, I weigh the dry meal on my scale before I cook it. This might look like too much work, but after a while, you won't need to weigh everything because mentally, you can figure out how many calories there are. You see why I mentioned to buy a scale yesterday.
See, if you want to lose weight, you have to put in much dedication and drive into it. No half measures. Brace up and do it, watch and see how people will marvel at your new physique later.

                                                                  Brace up and start counting.

Once you have mastered the art of calorie counting, stay strong on your workouts, exercise at least 3 times a week, results will start showing before you know it, and then it becomes a great lifestyle you achieved by yourself. Keep fit, lose weight and stay strong. Take care
N.B: I am going to feature a lady I met recently, she wants to tell her weight loss story. I wish I knew what she knew before now. Watch out for it soon. Xx


  1. Madam Cheliz*smiles*..Have been following ur post but work has been crazy..So dis calorie of a thing is serious oo,I can't keep up bcos I don't know what my daily calorie intake should be..
    So how do I figure dat out?

    1. Hi Hellen, go to they have an app that can help you with that. how have you been? cheers.