Wednesday, 30 October 2013

# Counting calories

Counting calories. Part 1

I have been avoiding this topic for ever, but lately it has become difficult to do because i get different questions concerning this always. It's an extensive topic that needs time to fully explain it well so one can understand. There are apps online that can do it for you (, it's best to know the koko of it so that you can always do a mental calculation when you are on the go. For example: if you are on a training and you guys are on a buffet queue for lunch, how will you know what and what to eat without popping out your phone or iPad or laptop? Abi you no go chop? Lol. You see what I mean now? If you want to lose weight fast and keep it off, this is your best weapon. For beginners, here are the basic tools you need to count calories: a kitchen scale, a small note book or journal, a small calculator.

When I first started, I kept a big journal of everything I ate for the day, you might be saying in your mind "hmmm na wa o".  yes na wa, that's how I lost the weight so fast and it has stayed off since then. Hahahaha! I still keep journals, I have about 3 now and I enjoy doing it, even on days when I don't write them down, I still got it in my head Gbam! No shakin.
A kitchen scale. Most cake shops sell them.

This here is one of the best kept secrets of losing weight. No matter how many diets you have tried, if you still don't know how to count calories, you are in the wrong bus Sweety. This which is calorie counting or calorie monitoring, takes a bit of time to get used to it, but when you do, it becomes a part of you for life. This is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. This is why most people that have lost weight the right way hardly go back to their former sizes.

First of all, don't even get it twisted, you have to understand what a calorie is. Simply put, Calories are the energy in food. Our body needs this energy to function. If you are trying to lose weight, it's advised to feed on low calorie but high nutrition foods and avoid high calorie, low- nutrition foods plus also reduce your portion sizes.
Example of a food journal. It doesn't have to be like this though.

Based on your activity levels and your body weight, you are required to consume a certain amount of calories per day to enable you lose weight. The website i gave above will help you sort this out, just register and fill out your details. Now from experience, if you don't eat up to this amount of calories, the weight won't drop. If you eat more than that, and don't burn it off during the week, the weight won't drop. If you eat the right amount and dont exercise enough, the weight wont drop. You have to create a deficit to activate fat loss. So starving yourself never works. Someone was telling me the other day of how she doesn't eat breakfast everyday and still hasn't lost any weight.  Lol.

Many packed foods have the calorie content of the food at the back of the pack, which looks like the picture below. So basically, what you are aiming for is: (Let me just highlight 2)
1. The serving size: this will tell you what one person should eat. E.g some will say '4 crackers' per serving, please don't exceed that if you don't want extra calories and slow weight loss. But if you do eat the extra, be sure to add it to your daily total calories eaten.

2. Calories: this tells you the calorie content of what '4 crackers' is. E.g lets say its 300 calories per serving for 4 crackers.mif you eat 6 crackers, that's 300cals plus 150 calls from the extra 2 crackers making it a total of 450 calories.

Another important thing to note when trying to lose weight is that you must aim for low carbohydrate foods that have high fibre and protein content. Although its not advised to always eat packed or processed foods, but let's be real it's very difficult to do in today's world, so the best thing is to be very careful what kind of processed food your are eating and the calorie contents. Let me leave you to download this part. Remember that portion control is key. Take care and God bless.


  1. Why does this calorie counting not include eba. Do you avoid it completely? We need before and after pictures. Good luck on your journey sha

    1. Hi dear, of course you can count the calories in eba. Almost every food has its calorie contents. Watch out for before and after pics. Thanks take care.

  2. Congrats cheliZ! I wish I can be like u, hv tried lossing weight 2 no avail

    1. Hi Sally, I said thevsame thing about myself some yrs ago. its very possible for u to lose weight, u just need to find what works for u. Hope to hear from u again dear. Take care.