Thursday, 3 October 2013

Cardio versus Strength training.


  Before you start reading please know that this is my opinion. I have come to realize that there comes a time in ones fitness level when doing cardio exercises alone wont benefit you much as per burning fat and losing weight. The rate at which ones body changes or burns fat starts reducing drastically. Sad to say that this happened to me. So i started thinking of ways to boost my metabolism and return my body to the fat burning mega machine that it once was. I thought of using metabolism enhancers etc (fyi i am not totally against using pills or juices or drinks that boost metabolism or burn fat. find the one you love and your body is ok with) but even at that i needed to either reduce my meals (which i really cant, i mean whats a girl gonna eat then?) further more or increase my exercises. So i started the "Insanity" workout about 2 weeks ago. To tell you the truth eh, i haven't seen much of a change on the scale as to what i expected. Even though i see my body transforming, i see more definition body wise. Don't get me wrong please, i am not saying that the 'Insanity' workout isn't good, i'm saying that it just  wasn't working for me. (before some pple will send Shaun T to me *rolling eyes* hahahahaha!)
A resistance band exercise.
 I finished my workout one day and i saw an advert at the end of the video about another trainer and how she uses strength training and little cardio to achieve great results. GBAM!!! It dawned on me that i had to reduce the cardio kini and take up more strength workouts into my daily routine.
If you don't have resistance bands, look for nice dumbbells like this one, they are soft and easy to use.

     Before now, i did my strength training, once or twice in 2 weeks or just the little bits that come with most workout videos. But you know something? Every workout has its own benefit to your body. Even standing for hours will make you burn calories. Depending on your age, body type, shape, and stamina and fitness level, please go for the kind of workout you love. some people like dancing, some like walking, some swimming, some jumping etc......all i'm saying is listen to your body and don't just do because that's what's in vogue. (no break waist o). Its just a matter of time and you will start seeing the effect. hang in there.
Examples of exercises you can do with your resistance band.

To cut long story short, i have decided to make my dumbbell and resistant bands my best friends for now. i will do it for a month and see how it goes. i will do them at least 3 times a week and for 30 to 45 mins a day. Then i will definitely add a bit of cardio to get my heart pumping. Before i go let me highlight a few benefits of weight\strength training:
1.It helps to build muscles and muscles burn fat. The muscle is an active tissue.
2.Weight training increases bone density.
3.The proper weight training can increase athletic performance.
Don't get it twisted though, cardio has its own benefits, it gives you stamina for a great workout session, it kick starts calorie burn.  Even though strength training has more benefits to Cardio training, it is advised to add the 2 to your routine, cardio to give you the stamina and get your heart rate going, then strength training to add extra calorie and  fat burn, and not to forget sculpt your body. So whats your opinion, what do you think?
A set of resistance bands, they come in different tension levels just like dumbbells.

I have loads of workout dvds coming in this week, will let you know as soon as they are here. meanwhile let me know if you are interested.
Take care my luvs and please don't hesitate to add your view, i'm learning from you guys too. be strong and God bless.
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  1. Hello Tochi,

    Great article. I totally agree with lifting weights..its burns fat faster! But then again, be careful the weights you lift. Lifting weights WITHOUT cardio makes you bulky (and ladies do not want that), so you have to combine weight lifting with cardio to build more lean muscles .Asides that, there is totally nothing wrong with lifting weights. It sculpts your body and gives nice firm muscles (which is sexy). I also started lifting weights myself and i do not fail to add cardio to it.

    1. Hi Uche, thanks for the insight. I add a bit of cardio to my routine but, I must say I'm really loving this strength training, it burns and melts. Lol. Cheers dear.

  2. Started jogging and dieting dis wik...dunno if it will help in loosing wait on my arms noticing a bit of tightness in my tommy

    1. Hi, it should help a bit, but make sure you are not eating foods that are high in starch. Then add a bit of strength training and crunches. Thanks and take care.