Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Nature versus Infertility

I know this topic will make Some hearts skip. I feel you, I have been there too. Some of the things I write is not because I know too much, or because I am a doctor (no i'm not a doctor), I write them from my own life experiences and because It gives me joy that at least one person will benefit from it.

I had my own dose of fear too. After I got married , I didn't get pregnant until after 1 year, and y'all know that in Igbo land that's a life time. Well (according to some people) you are expected to get pregnant and have a baby, all within your first year as a couple if not many eyes and tongues will start creeping up all over you biz(God pass dem). I thank God it eventually happened though not without days and days of prayers and fasting and since I heard that eating okro and snails were good for women looking to get pregnant, It became a daily diet for me o, I ate okro and snails like no man business. Hahaha!

Recently I heard stories of people being healed of diabetes, cancer, heart diseases etc just by changing their diet and exercising, so it occurred to me that infertility could also be reversed by eating healthy and exercising too. Yes, God heals defiantely, but we as humans must put in some effort too. As long as the root cause of this infertility doesn't need an operation, why not try out some natural remedy like:
1. Start Exercising (it doesn't have to be rigorous)
2. Stop smoking
3. Reduce alcohol
4. Eat snails
5. Semi ripe banana and unripe plantains too are said to help.
6. Groundnuts.
7. Honey
8. Carrots
9. Some people say pawpaw helps.
10. Cucumber
11. Get massages from time to time, you might just be stressed.

Personally, I think an all round diet and lifestyle change is key. It might take a few weeks to see results but with consistency and prayer, nothing is impossible for God.
Also it is advised to shed a bit of weight if you are overweight(both in men and women) this might just be the answer to that question you know. Please spread the word and if you have other helpful tips pls don't hesitate to share. But then again, At the end of the day, it is God who answers prayers and gives children. :)
P.s: I wrote this without anyone in mind, i just feel like someone will benefit from it.
Please don't forget to drop a comment. Thanks  and God bless.


  1. Yes, so many myt just get help frm here. Infertility primary or secondary is one hell of a predicamnt. 11yrs afta my first child nd am stil waitin. I hv strtd excersin, i ll add dis foods u mentioned nd lyk Nelly Agbogu would say, it will end in praise. Thanks 4 sharin Chilez.

    1. I love your spirit Latush, it will surely end in praise. Thanks a bunch.

  2. hmmm. Cheliz what can i eat to have a baby boy? i have 2 daughters already. my place is not secure unless i have a son. i am worried. will diet help me

  3. This one na jamb question o. Lol. My dear I don't know about that o. Don't be worried dear, let's look on the bright side, you have 2 beautiful baby girls. I'm sure that if you pray and tell God your mind, He will surely bless you with a lovely baby boy. All the best dear and thanks for commenting, I appreciate you.

  4. There is a way to count ur ovulation that assures u of a baby boy... See a fertility doctor