Monday, 16 September 2013

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My latest pics. Been a while....

Yes o, its been a while but i'm back now. So sorry for going awol on you guys. I had a lot on my hands and i will try to stay 'put' this time. Anyway, how have you guys been, i missed you o.

So the last time i shared my weight in august, i weighed about 87kg, well i have lost about 5kgs since then. As at last Monday, i weighed 82.7kg. From now on, i will share a picture of what i weigh on a scale. I don't even know why i wasn't doing that. What i did to lose more last month was that i put in more effort because I noticed I wasn't losing much anymore, So i intensified my workouts....i did loads of HIIT and increased my workout time, i also reduced my daily calorie intake by about 200cals. I can honestly say that it has paid off. I hope to continue this way and loose an extra 4kg this month. Later on you will find some of my before and after/recent pics you be the judge. Later on in the week, i will feature some of my friends that have been doing well with their weight loss and have dropped a huge amount of kgs. See guys, loosing weight isnt just about wearing fab clothes, its also about feeling good about yourself, feeling accomplished in a way, good health, better memory, self confidence, sleeping well at night etc. Some people keep telling me to take it easy so as not to get too skinny, well i get that they mean well but the point is that, it has become a lifestyle for me and not just about weight loss. Eating healthy and exercising has made me a better person generally, so why stop? When i get to my ideal weight (74kg), i will still keep eating healthy and exercising, the only difference will be that i will no longer reduce my calorie intake to loose weight. When you master the 'art' of weight loss and wellness, you can eat 2 cups of Icecream and not fret, because you know that you have conditioned your body not to store fat of any kind. You will burn it off within 24hrs. Hahaha!
Remember what I looked like before? Here:

This below are two pics of me, the first one was taken a week after I started my weight loss journey, the other one with the bangs was taken just last week Monday. Any difference?
This is me now, well as at 2 weeks ago.

Have a blessed week my dears and God bless.


  1. Wow.
    I swear, my eyeballs have dropped from their sockets.
    I'm rainbow coloured with envy here oh.

  2. Ooh are looking great I must confess..will start d Detox plan Asap

  3. wow you look really good.just found ur blog via bellanaija..
    great job.
    you are like me,I look slim but weigh 80kg..down from 87kg after my 1st baby..

    1. Hi Naomi, thanks a lot. I get motivation from people like you true. It's not easy. Congrats, you have done well jare. Keep it up. Hope to see more of you here o. Cheers.