Thursday, 19 September 2013

Keeping fit and eating right while pregnant.

I am writing about this because some of my readers and pregnant friends asked me to though, I have been hesitant because you know now, I no be doctor. Well I guess I could offer a few tips even though I never exercised or ate healthy while I was pregnant. All I knew was that my mum always made me eat fruits and vegetables. I knew deep down in my soul that it was good for my me and my baby, but you know now, when you are pregnant there is no time to think or arrange 'eat as you go' . Lol.

To the glory of God, i have 2 kids, so I guess I am a bit experienced abi? I definitely have a different mind set now, because when I get pregnant again, I will do things differently. For example, I would walk more, eat loads and loads of fruits, loads and loads of vegetables and get loads of rest too. And then avoid some things like wearing heels (stop eyeing those Hollywood celebs), drinking coke/sugar (Chichi bones take note), eating lots of fried foods and pastries. (yumm!! :))

And who says you can't exercise while pregnant, sure you can (at least now I know). There are lots of exercises which a pregnant lady can do like walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, squats, yoga etc. These exercises help to strengthen the pelvis muscles, the abdominal muscles and the chest, to aid breathing, sleeping and even pushing when baby is ready to come. I remember when I was pregnant with my first and at 40 weeks the baby hadn't come, so one day I got up from my couch at about 12noon and decided to go out for a walk in the hot sun. I told myself that this baby must come today 'by fire by force' so I walked and walked and walked thru my estate. By the time I got home I was drenched in sweat and then helped myself to a bowl of cold watermelon. When I say bowl I mean 'basin' hahahaha! Guess what? The baby came that night and I had a short and painless labour of just 4 hours. Praise God! Imagine that, that was the one and only time i realy exercised my legs during that pregnancy.Truth is that the more active you are during pregnancy, the easier it will be for you to adapt to your changing shape and weight gain. It will also help you cope with labour and get get back into shape after birth.

So come on mamas, get up and get going, don't sit around much. Exercising won't hurt your baby if you are healthy and having a perfect pregnancy. After all said and done, our lives and our babies are in Gods hands, He is the one that keeps us and protects us, the best we can do is to take care of ourselves, pray and He will do the rest. Take care and have a safe delivery. *kissess* I'll be here waiting for you, to help you get back in shape after delivery. You can also order for original prenatal and postnatal workout DVDs from me, just send me an email on Thanks and God bless.


  1. Hahahahahahaha. Cheliz! i married a young hot blooded man. i have to stay chic while pregnant. so i will not part with my heels while i am pregnant o. i spoke to Kim Kardashian and she assured me that it is okay. Baby north is fine. hahahahha. also, everything goes better with coke so i will drink coke tooooooo. after belle wi will shed the weight. Chichi Bonez Says soo :-)

  2. Lol. Chichi carry go jare, if that is what keeps ur man happy then who am I? But when you r done with the coke, don't come here and ask for Jedi Jedi therapy. Lol.

  3. Hahahahahahahahhahaha. yoyo bitters is the answer for jedi jedi. hey! what am i doing? no free advert biko.