Thursday, 26 September 2013

Get fit or bounce out!

Now I'm going to be real, no need to be offended I'm only speaking the bitter and painful truth that most people (friends)won't want to tell you. Thank God you don't know my house address so i'm safe. Hahahaha!

Most of my friends don't know this, but the main reasons I made up my mind to lose weight were: 

Firstly, remember I told you it took me a year to get pregnant after I got married? Well, I didn't want to mention this earlier, but I know now that with the kind of comments I get from people, somebody will most definitely benefit from this. When I  started getting worried about not getting pregnant, I was advised by my doctor to go do a HSG ( Hysterosalpingography) test to determine if there was any blockage to my Fallopian tubes. Well yes, the result came out and they (my two tubes)were blocked. 2 of my friends even went to the lab with me that day. They really tried their best to keep me from being sad but I when I got home, I cried and cried like the world was coming to an end. God has really been faithful in my life o because the doctor asked me to go back and repeat the very painful procedure, but fear no gree me. I told myself that I will never do that test again and reassured myself that I have a God that won't fail me. Well, to His glory, I got pregnant 2 months later. You are wondering what this has to do with me losing weight? Keep reading.

Secondly, after I had my first baby I had serious pelvic pains that even had me limping if I sat down for long. It didn't really go away when I took in for my second baby, then it came back with full force after delivery. It was very painful, and when I complained to the doctors, they would tell me not to worry that it was nothing, and that it would stop after some time. As that one was going on, I was also having major joint pains especially my knee area. I was afraid it was arthritis. Guess what. Within 3 months of starting this journey, all the pain was gone and gone for good. Hmmmm.

Thirdly, I lost my elder brother in 2009 due to renal failure. My mum made us all change the way we ate food generally but I didn't understand why till later. Need I say more?

Lastly, this one is funny. After I had my second baby, I didn't have clothes anymore. I even borrowed my sis in laws maternity clothes because I couldn't just imagine my self going to buy humongous maternity clothes, I was too ashamed. So after delivery, to go out was a problem, because all my clothes didn't fit and my next size was a 24!! *screaming*

I considered all these things and mehn, i didn't want to reach the end of my road and my reason would be that i was too lazy to exercise, change my diet and be fit. My point in all this is that We really don't need a prophet to come and tell us 'it's time to lose wome weight' (even with the people that love to call us 'orobo'. we just need to look around and within and tell ourselves the bitter truth. You know what they say, better safe than sorry. You can turn around diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis etc just by:

  • Eat healthy
  • Exercise daily.
  •  Cut yourself from all forms of negativity, both in friends, food, movies etc. If you have friends that keep drawing you back by feeding you or enticing you with 'sin food' please quickly cut them off. If they form dead weights on your feet, shake them off fast and keep moving, you have a goal to achieve. When they see how serious you are, they dare not try it again. Trust me.
  • listen to motivational speakers or pastors that motivate you..
  • Stop watching horror movies . (don't laugh, I'm serious)
  • Read positive and soul lifting books. My best is 'the secret' a friend of mine(Sope) blessed me with the DVD some years ago. I can never forget what I learnt from it. Trust me it works.
  • Gossip? Hey!! Na you get your mouth.
  • Eat to live and not live to eat. Let food be your fuel and not your master.
I can go on and on for days, but you know who you are and you know that it is time for a change. Don't let the doctor be the one to tell you this. Get fit NOW!! It may seem hard at first but you will be happy later. I wish you well and God bless you. Please leave a comment. Thank you.


  1. The Secret! A friend blessed me too with a copy of that book. My life is literally transformed. Have u read The Magic too? Its also by the same author!

    1. Wow Riri, good to know you like 'the secret'. I will look for The Magic. Thanks a lot.

  2. Well this is d first time am coming to ur page and am really excited pls I want to loose weight too please help me this is my email .

    1. Hi, you can start by doing a one week detox, I have a sample on my blog. It will help you lose a good amount of water weight. Add some exercises too. Take care and thanks for commenting.