Friday, 20 September 2013

Fruits in season this September_Pawpaw.

There are a number of fruits in season this period, but I want to focus on just one, that's the Pawpaw. I love this fruit so much that I eat it almost every day since it came fully in season, and Yes i eat it almost every day. It has a lot of benefits but I want to share my own experience with it first.

The first time I noticed the goodness of this fruit was when I was breast feeding, and I had just started my weight loss journey. It always made me fell really full and helped cleanse my system, plus the nutritional benefits in breast milk.  So now I started eating it again, I noticed that it helps get rid of gass in my tummy and gives me that flat tummy feel after I wake up and have had a good poop. (sorry I don't know how else to define poop) Lol. Ehen, so what I do every 2 to 3 days (especially on days where I ate too many carbs)for cleansing is that I get a whole pawpaw, nice and ripe ( not too ripe tho) cut it up and divide into 2 equal parts. I put the other part in the fridge. I eat one part with some pineapples for breakfast, and the other part, I will have as my dinner with an apple. The next morning come and see wonders! Besides the cleansing, I really love the refreshing taste and smoothness of the fruit. You can have yours with water melon if you want, they are great for weightloss.

Aside from being  a weight loss super fruit, here are some other benefits ofthe pawpaw.
1. It's high in vitamin C
2. Low in calories, with just 55 calls per cup.
3. It lowers cholesterol
4. It's an antioxidant
5. It's great for the skin and face to relieve acne, and has anti aging elements.
6. Helps to flush and break down food in the tummy. Prevents constipation.
7. Great for easing cold flu.
8. Eases nausea and morning sickness (preggers take note).

With many many other great benefits. What are you waiting for, go grab your paw paw NOW! Lol. Please those that are very busy and working, don't forget to buy your weekly dose of fruits and veggies this weekend. Most of these goods are everywhere and very affordable. (who says weight loss is expensive?)you can buy the unripe ones and store them since they take a few days to ripen so before the week runs out again you won't give the excuse of not having the time to shop. We have to put in effort to get results. It is well. Take care.


  1. i love pawpaw too. i blend it with pineapple and water melon and take it as breakfast, in a bid to loose weight. i enjoyed it but felt it made me add weight instead.

    1. Hi dear, pawpaw is very very good for weight loss o, they are low in calories which is what you want since you are trying to lose weight. I am guessing you take too much of sweet fruits like pineapples and oranges which are higher in calories. And another thing is that juicing and blending fruits increases the sugar levels in them, that is why it's better to have your fruits whole.