Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My secret cravings

Anybody that knows me well, will tell you that I have a weakness for popcorn and eggs. Eggs, not soo bad in little doses, but popcorn...hmmmm, it takes very little to cross the line, depending on how sweet or salty or buttery it is. Yummmm!!
If you are wondering why I am giving this confession, it's because ive been doing it a lot lately. So, I guess sharing the problem could make me reduce it abi? So that in case I don't loose much this month, you can forgive me in advance. I usually eat a 40g pack I buy from a shop close to my house, or sometimes if I'm really craving it, I will drive all the way to silver bird cinema (do you do that too?) Hahahahaha!
See a picture I took, this is what 40g of my popcorn looks like:

Why I like this particular one is because, it has very little sugar and salt in it. So I googled and found that 40g popcorn is actually about 150 calories. not soo bad abi? Yes, not bad but they are high in carbohydrates.(we don't want high carbs in weight loss o)The problem lies in the seasoning. If its too salty or sugary or buttery, pls avoid it o, no be me send you message. But in general, popcorn ain't so bad, and it makes a good snack too. I eat mine with a cup of cofee at midday.You need to watch your serving size tho.

I know that many of us have cravings, but the key to weight loss is self control (be consistent) and portion control, if you can master this then trust me the kgs will melt away.

N.B: for the egg matter, I eat 1 boiled egg almost every day and I help my son to eat his own too..hahahahahaha! *runs away*
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  1. Agbaya!! Stealing bomboys eggs. Shiooo!! So you haven't stopped this your love for popcorn? Bonez

    1. Chichi lol. You know I love popcorn so much na.

  2. Heyyyyy dat means am in serious problem I can eat a bag full of popcorn den another tin I eat in large portion like dat is peanuts pls is peanut bad? Thanks

    1. Lol @ a bag full of popcorn. Now you know, so you can curb it. Peanuts are good and healthy to eat, but you have to watch your portions o, 1 peanut contains 5 calories, and I'm sure you eat at least 100. So check am na that's almost 2 meals. One small hand full of peanuts is over 200 calories. Scary ain't it? Same goes for cashews too, 1 nut contains 9 calories, then when you eat 100 nuts!!, do the math. *runs away* thanks for checking in, I appreciate you dear.

  3. Wtf! One nut, 9 calories? Omg, no wonder i dey wia i dey since oooo. Ah, Chilez u no try o, why u habour nd hoard dis great info since na. Issorite, no more cashew nuts for a long tym to come cos frankly, i no sabi do dat 'handful' thiny na plateful i sabi.

  4. Hi, totally love ur blog, so here's d deal, I crave soaking garri wit gnuts and milk(full fat ofcourse,lol) and I also crave indomie noodles n friedegg. I hvnt noodles in almost 2months nw but I'm about to go soak garri rite now. So bad is dat? Help me!

    Btwn, eggwhites r totally great for weight watchrs, so if u cnt live witout eggs, give ur boy d yolk(he needs it more!) And eat d whites. Tnx!