Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Fruits and vegetables in season_August

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Hi dearies, so this post is kinna 2 weeks late, but nothing spoil. Just a refresher to share with you guys some of the fruits and veggies we can take advance of this period. They are cheap and  can be found everywhere in Nigeria. Don't ever let anybody make you feel like keeping fit is expensive because it is not. 

  1. Oranges
  2. Bananas 
  3. Guavas
  4. Apples
  5. Yams
  6. Sweet potatoes
  7. Garden eggs
  8. Tomatoes
  9. Green pepper
  10. Carrots
  11. Cucumber
  12. Pumpkin leaves
  13. Greens
  14. Yellow and red peppers (local variety)
  15. Wall nuts

So sweets,I hope you find the info useful. I did my weekly fruit and veggie shopping on sunday and I got most of the stuff on the list above. #hint: i really love the local yellow peppers in my stew and soups.. It feels good to have a healthy and well nourished body. Please share with your friends and family and have a blessed week.

God bless you

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My secret cravings

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Anybody that knows me well, will tell you that I have a weakness for popcorn and eggs. Eggs, not soo bad in little doses, but popcorn...hmmmm, it takes very little to cross the line, depending on how sweet or salty or buttery it is. Yummmm!!
If you are wondering why I am giving this confession, it's because ive been doing it a lot lately. So, I guess sharing the problem could make me reduce it abi? So that in case I don't loose much this month, you can forgive me in advance. I usually eat a 40g pack I buy from a shop close to my house, or sometimes if I'm really craving it, I will drive all the way to silver bird cinema (do you do that too?) Hahahahaha!
See a picture I took, this is what 40g of my popcorn looks like:

Why I like this particular one is because, it has very little sugar and salt in it. So I googled and found that 40g popcorn is actually about 150 calories. not soo bad abi? Yes, not bad but they are high in carbohydrates.(we don't want high carbs in weight loss o)The problem lies in the seasoning. If its too salty or sugary or buttery, pls avoid it o, no be me send you message. But in general, popcorn ain't so bad, and it makes a good snack too. I eat mine with a cup of cofee at midday.You need to watch your serving size tho.

I know that many of us have cravings, but the key to weight loss is self control (be consistent) and portion control, if you can master this then trust me the kgs will melt away.

N.B: for the egg matter, I eat 1 boiled egg almost every day and I help my son to eat his own too..hahahahahaha! *runs away*
Take care guys and have a great day. Don't forget to pre order for workout DVDs. Send me a mail on or

God bless,

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Fit to squat!

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It's been on my mind to share this small secret with you guys. Well, it's not that big a secret, but I feel many people take it for granted. The secret is squats or squatting.

Did you know that you could burn loads of calories just by squatting for 10 mins? It's true. Depending on your body weight, you could burn as high as 200 calories if you squat for 15mins. The heavier you are,the more calories you will burn. For instance, I (86kg) will burn up to 270calories if I squat for 15mins. Thats like burning off 2 cups of boiled white rice. Lol. I squat a lot especially if I feel I ate too much and need to add to my daily exercise. I usually squat before my night shower.
See, if you work in an office where you hardly have time to exercise, heres a secret, you can take 5 mins every 2 hours to squat in the ladies room, by the end of the day, you would have gotten your daily dose of exercise!

To squat, please note that 'form' is key, so you don't injure yourself.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, with your arms stretched out in front of  you.
  • Push your butt out behind you like you want to sit on a very low stool
  • Then sit, and make sure your knees don't cross your toes.(see the picture below) if it does it can cause a knee injury o, ejo ooooo. My hand is not there o.
  • Then stand and repeat. 
  • Do 10 reps and rest for 30 seconds , of your very fit, you can do 30 reps and rest for 10 seconds.

There are other variations of squatting, but this one is the basic type and will get you building muscles in no time. 
God bless.