Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Tips for tight abs.

Here are some awesome exercises I love to do daily, they have helped me to achieve almost 70% abs lol. They work trust me. But, not without a good diet, you must indulge on fruits and veggies if you really want a flat tummy area, exercises will just help tighten things up and give you rock solid abs of steel.

  1. Basic crunch: lying face up on the floor, with knees bent, the movement begins by curling up the shoulders towards the pelvis, the hands can be behind or beside the neck or crossed over the chest for more resistance. Lift your upper body and lower it repeatedly. Do this 10 times and for 3 sets.
    Don't push against your neck. 
  2. Knee raise exercise: this is kinda easy but very effective, you will feel the burn. Lying on the floor with your back, raise your legs and bend your knees, but don't let your knees go past your pelvis, let it be like a table top. Then with your eyes looking at the ceiling raise your knee a bit for more resistance then swing your arms like you want to fly and let them touch your knees like in the picture below, also straighten and bring back your legs to the table position.
    Do 10 repetitions for 5 sets.
  3. The scissors crunches: this is a bit difficult at first, but you will get used to it with time and it's very effective too. Lay down on the floor with your back straight, raise both legs about 3 inches off the ground facing the ceiling, put both of your palms underneath your butt and begin to cross your legs like a scissors. Look up at the ceiling and lift your shoulder a bit for more resistance if you want.
     Do 10 reps for 3 sets.
  4. Plank: this is my favorite. Even if I don't do the other 3 exercises, I must always squeeze in a  plank for about a minute at least. Lie face down on the floor placing your elbows and fore arms underneath your chest. Contract abs and push off the ground raising up unto your toes and resting on your elbows. Tighten your glutes (butt and thigh area) Back flat, head and heels on a straight line. Keep your back straight, don't raise your butt too high. Keep your stomach tight and let it burn!!! Don't sag your hips, protect your back Abeg. Do this and hold for about 30seconds for beginners and 1min for advanced. You can repeat several times a day for best results.

These exercises are pretty easy when you get a hang of them, but remember form is key, don't over do it and always listen to your body. Stop when you feel tired and catch your breadth.
God bless you.


  1. Very nice. Ur blog is totally awesome. I start ds routine. Deitn is a bit difficult tho. Lol

  2. This thing is very difficult poop

  3. As in ehhh, buh I nid 2 b4 my man cums bak.

  4. Yes, it's difficult at first, but you will get used to it in a minute. Thanks dears.

  5. Love ur blog sooooo much...... Tanx a bunch for dis tips

  6. Love ur blog sooooo much...... Tanx a bunch for dis tips

  7. Oh my God I love dis blog I have never commented on any but dis is splendid... A lot to learn