Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Order your workout DVD

I have come again o, I think I've mentioned this many times, I say it because it's true. Many of us go to the gym, spend thousands of hard earned money and still don't loose weight. Not that gyming is bad, it's the fact that we spend a lot of time and money there without results that's bad. If you are serious about shedding weight, why not buy a good workout video and burn major fat in the comfort of your living room. That is what I do every day and I have lost a huge amount of weight.

Do you know why I love these videos, hmmm ..... It's because they motivate me and these trainers know how to hit the right spot in the shortest amount of time (for those with a tight work schedule, this is ideal) Before I start talking too much, I have decided to take it upon myself to help everyone I know that wants to loose weight to get these DVD and make them available at a very affordable price. Find a list of some of them below and send me a mail on I will deliver anywhere in Lagos with an extra cost of N500.

  1. Jillian Michaels 30day shred
  2. Billy Blanks ultimate boot camp
  3. Jane Fonda prime time: firm and burn
  4. Jillian Michaels: shred it with weights
  5. Billy Blanks: this is Tae Bo.
  6. Billy Blanks Tae Bo: fat blasting cardio and total Body fat blaster.
I will sell the ones above for N2500. You can also order for resistance bands for the billy blanks workout (see pic below.) If you have any other favorite in mind, pls let me know.
God bless you.



  1. Hi....nice blog...m actually interested in these dvds....i live in do i get them from you

  2. Hi Ada, please send me a mail on tell me which of the DVDs u want. I will mail it to you in Abuja for a small fee.

  3. @Ada, thanks a lot.
    @Uche, u know every na. :)