Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Know your BMI

This is actually one of the first things to note when you want to start loosing weight and managing your health. It's very important because it helps you to know when you are at risk of some diseases that come with obesity.

BMI means Body Mass Index. According to wikipedia, It's a measure for human body shape based on individual's mass and height. My BMI now is at 30. It means that I'm still obese...imagine! So for me to get to a normal weight of 72kg for my height of 170cm, I have to grind my BMI down to 24 (that na leap tins o) it means I have to work really really hard!!

For those of you that like mathematics, oya use this formula below to calculate urs. You will need a tape rule to measure your height and a digital scale to get your weight.

Then, for those of us that hate mathematics (hehe :)) use this chart to see view yours.

I hope you guys understand what this is all about. I know it seems too extreme. In my opinion, it's not a must to get to the actual weight for you to be a normal weight, let's be real we are Africans and we like our curves, so if you get to a point where you feel satisfied deep down inside and you look good and feel good, you can go ahead and start maintaining your weight. For me, I'm good at 74kg. Take care and take it easy.

God bless you,
Chelizruby .

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