Sunday, 23 June 2013

Fighting the dreaded plateau.

I'm sure some of you guys have heard about the weight loss plateau. Hmmmm, it's not a myth like I thought o, it's very real. You know as you loose weight, your body's metabolism rate drops, because it takes a smaller amount of energy to sustain a smaller frame. So when this happens, the rate at which you loose weight drops or stops for a while if you don't do something about it.

This wicked thing happened to me o, for like 2 weeks I didn't see any significant change in my weight despite my serious workout sessions, I felt very sad o, it's not even funny. So I began to research about it, even though some of my friends went through the same ordeal and conquered. You know when you hear gist and when it actually happens to you are two different things. Lol! So on Saturday I checked my weight and to the glory of God, I had lost 1.1kg making it a total of 20.2kg off my body so far!! I was soon happy, I hope it continues to drop. So here's what I did.

  1. First of all, I stopped cheating. No more by the side chops. 
  2. I cut more calories by eating more veggies and less carbs.
  3. I did less cardio workouts and more high intensity workouts, this helps to burn more fat in less time.
  4. I did my workouts in the morning before eating so I can burn more calories as glucose is depleted.
  5. I worked out harder by adding evening workouts to my morning workouts and I also added a few squats during the day as jara.

Basically, the idea is to reduce food portions and/or intensify workouts. I decided to do the two for greater results, since I have 15kgs more to go. Seems hard abi, its not if you really want that gorgeous and healthy body. Weight loss is about determination, I may not have it all the time but I draw energy from those around me and from you guys that motivate me each day. Look for what motivates you and hang on to it tight! If you experience a weight loss plateau, don't give up, work harder, keep doing what your doing, the effects will show on your body even if the scale refuses to move.

God bless you.


  1. congrats on breaking tru the weightloss plateau. More grease to your elbows babe. Jisike

  2. congrats on breaking tru the weightloss plateau. More grease to your elbows babe. Jisike

  3. Uche u are a testimony. Am coming up soon