Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Eat your vegetables.

Vegetables are one of the best things to happen to mankind, ever! Many people run from them for reasons best known to them. Lol. They are a very good way of nourishing the body by providing it with vitamins and minerals, fiber for good digestion, antioxidants and also for weight loss(they are high in water content and are very filling with very low calorie content). See, I haven't used any body lotion since after my baby and people keep asking me what lotion I use, well none is the answer. I just think my skin is clear because of all the fruits and vegetables I eat.

As researchers would say "It's always best to eat veggies and fruits raw" as it has many benefits like it gives us more energy,you get to sleep well at night (I can validate this one because I do sleep well at night and wake up feeling very alert and strong, even with the baby)' it gives you increased mental clarity, and good news is that you can eat as much as you want and clean out your bowel more often.

Now here's how I eat my veggies:

  1. I make salads. I add lemon sometimes or avocado pear, or boiled and diced chicken. You can try that or add boiled turkey and shredded Titus fish to yours for more effect. But if you have to add salad dressing , go very little o.
  2. Steamed veggies: I love to steam my ugwu and okro together, I add lots of pepper and crayfish and little Maggi. I love to have this for dinner because it's light and gets my bowel moving by morning. You can steam carrots, cabbage and bell peppers, yummy stuff!!,
  3. Juicing: This one I think is very cool because sometimes I have plenty veggies and fruits about to go bad, I simply juice them or make smoothies for the whole family. They won't even know its raw vegetables because they taste great! I love to blend cucumber,watermelon, pineapples and green peas. Tastes wonderful, I add bananas sometimes and blend with ice cubes.
  4. Nibbling: I nibble on my raw veggies all the time, especially carrots. It's best to eat raw veggies on an empty stomach because they make the body work hard to break down the fibers thereby burning calories.  Nibble on your veggies and fruits and down it with a glass of water before your main meal. It would even make you feel a bit full so you eat less.
So my sweets, I gat to go now, take care of yourselves and eat right for a great body. Enjoy your week.
God bless you.


  1. Nicely said cos taking fruits on an empty belly does fill me, plus i prefer squeezing a bit of lemon on my salad for taste. Haven't tried juicing yet but its worth a try.