Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Avoid these foods when trying to loose weight.

Hi sweets, sorry about the long absence, it was because of bad network o, please pardon me. So i checked my weight this past Saturday and i lost just 0.4kg from the previous week. I actually know why this happened, i ate some things that i shouldn't have eaten, i indulged too much *sad face*. Anyway, it happens, and i have noted my mistake and I'm ready to make things better and burn more this week. Did i mention that i have resumed gym? yipeee!! So i feel i need to share with you guys a list of some bad foods that i feel should not be a part of your diet while trying to loose weight, else you wont see results.
  1. SODA: This includes all forms of sugary and fizzy drinks i don't want to mention names, i know you know them lol. my own weakness used to be Chivita juice, when i was pregnant i drank a pack every 2 or 3 days. It was bad!! But now, since February 2013, i have not tasted it or coca cola either, funny part is i don't even miss them.   That's what eating good food does to your body, you stop carving bad foods. Try and replace these sugary drinks with natural and fresh fruit juices or smoothies.
  2. SNACKS: This is another killer lol. Please if you are a regular 'meat pie and sausage for breakfast person' abeg the time has come for you to match break. These snacks (especially if not home made) are highly fattening o, and can raise you cholesterol levels.  Replace them with home made light snacks made from wheat and other whole grains (if you have to) or leave them for now till you have lost some weight. Snack on fruits and veggies like carrots etc.
  3. ALCOHOL: i know some people will just laugh when they read this one, they think its impossible to do.  I don't drink much though, so it wasn't a big deal for me to cut it off from my life. You need to cut down or stop drinking alcohol completely if you want to loose weight. Alcohol is basically the refined juice of natural foods which makes it a drink of pure concentrated sugar that will make you gain weight fast! *scary*
  4. SALT AND SUGAR: I cant even soften this one, see too much salt makes you put on so much water weight, making you look fatter than you already are. Do you know that i had up to 8kg of water weight? Its not a small something o, so all ye salt lovers, take am easy o. Then sugar, hmmm, the more sugar you take , the more sugar you will crave. That's all I'm going to say. If you really want to sweeten your teas and oats, use a little honey instead and stay away from artificial sweeteners.
  5. CAKE: This one is another weakness i had, but to the glory of God almighty i have overcome it.  I only just ate my first piece of cake (since February) this week on my sons birthday. 
  6. BREAD: If you have to eat bread like me please eat wheat or whole grain bread and remember portion control, a slice or 2 is enough for breakfast.
  7. CANDY: No think am o, leave this one for the kids, i'm sure you know it full of sugar.
  8. FRIED FOODS: yes ooo, this one is another major one that some of us cant do without. well if you must just limit your intake of fried stuff per week so you can see results at the end of the day.

There are many more 'sin' foods that one must avoid when trying to loose weight, but i feel these ones are really major and concerns most of us. Do take care and remember to eat healthy, control your portion size and then stay active.
God bless you,


  1. This is good. Hope to start and also to testify soon. Cos I love coke and snacks but will try my best

  2. Hello dear, nice 1. Plz wat of chewing gums? R dey 2 b avoided wen watchin weight?

    1. Hi dear, thanks for your comment. I don't recommend chewing gum because if the sugar content, but some people swear it helps them burn calories. I used to love them too, but haven't had any in over a year. I've seen some sugar free ones, I guess there's no harm in trying that. Take care.

    2. Chewing gum , actually helps 2 curb hunger , I advice it#...Ama