Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Plan your time.

Good day sweets, here are some more tips that help me get thru the day and and makes life easier for me.  I always have a meal plan! Every day I wake up I plan my meals for the day, I even count calories sometimes when I have the time (check: to count calories) this helps me to know how much food I need to eat for the day and how much more calories, proteins, sugars, fiber etc i need. See, you might think this is too extreme, but trust me it helps, weight loss is all about discipline.

For those that work long hours in the office and don't have time to go out for lunch or buy healthy foods around, I recommend, u get like 3 transparent bowls and a pack of zip lock (check shop rite) start by making some fresh fruit salad, load 2 bowls with it, then chop some vegetables (carrots, cabbage, cucumber, even chopped chicken or fish) however you like, load the third bowl with it then, make yourself a nice cheese sandwich ( i personally love Gouda and Cheddar) and pack in your zip lock. If you don't like cheese try sardines or tuna sandwich with wheat bread. I'm sure some people are asking "where is the time to prep all these things?" well I'm sorry to say you either sacrifice your time or remain overweight and pudgy. When you get to the office, pop them in your fridge so u can eat when your hungry. This helps to keep you in check so you don't binge on all them fried and baked snacks. I swear by the time you are done with the 3 bowls, you won't have space for any more meals. Always drink plenty of water after meals.

You can always jazz up your meals with chopped boiled chicken or turkey, fish,  lemons, apple cider vinegar, but please no sugar or heavy salad dressing.

Some people asked where they could get green tea and lemons. OK, I have a particular brand I love it's called legend tea and it's very affordable, there are other great brands and almost every pharmacy store sells them. I also love taking Twinings fennel and sweet nettle cleanse tea. I buy my lemons in a bottle already squeezed so it's easy for me to store. Remember guys, in everything you put in your mouth, portion control is key and you don't need to starve yourself to loose the weight!!

God bless you.

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