Monday, 20 May 2013

Partner up!

All the things I have talked about so far, are very dear to me. for instance I wake up every day or most days with a cup of green tea and/or a glass of lemon water, then a bowl of fruits for breakfast. I have made it a norm in my life, i have made it a lifestyle so much that its a crime for me to eat any processed food. Don't get me wrong o, I indulge once in a while, infact it is advised that you make out "cheat" days so you dont binge on foods you love.

All these wont be possible if i didnt have friends that held my hand and corrected me when i went wrong as per my meals and exercise schedule. if you remember, I told you guys earlier that a friend of mine invited me to her group chat on bb yes,we formed a bond and we help each other to loose weight, we still do.

Look around you, pick a close friend or friends that you can trust, someone who is serious minded, the two or three of you can join forces and encourage each other as you go along. Go to the gym togeether, eat together, set rules, make meal palns etc. It helps a great deal. I can honestly say that without that my friend, Ifeadi (i hope she wont shoot me for mentioning her name) I wont be where i am today.....healthy and loving it! God bless you Ifeadi. I pray for grace for us all, so we can reach our goals.

God bless you.


  1. its a fact, partnering up definitely helps.

  2. Issues shared with the right person, is an issue half solved

  3. please add me to ur bbm group. Gladys

    1. Hi Gladys, I don't have a bbm group for now. But u can contact me on 08025806183. thanks and cheers.