Wednesday, 15 May 2013

# Cheliz story

My journey till date......

Hmmm, this is all very new to me, because i never thought i would put my life out there in the public eye, any ways, Let me tell you guys a bit about my weight loss history. I'm a loving wife and a mum of two wonderful boys, I had my second born about 4 months ago.

After delivery, I was massive, I felt so bad About my size and wondered " when will I ever look good in clothes". Meanwhile, I saw a picture of my friend on bb where she had dropped a massive amount of weight, i asked her how she did it and she said it was basically through  dieting and exercise. ( by dieting I mean eating only nutrient rich foods.) I didn't believe it was possible to loose weight without pills and diet teas. I was a fan of those :)

I have always been an exercise and weight loss junky( if there is any word like that. Lol.) I have always been on the big and chubby side, I lived on diet teas and weight loss pills, they never worked. I swam, danced, did plenty aerobics and gbo gbo ti gbo! but, the weight didn't shift. It was later that I discovered the reason. Guess what it was......too much FOOD!!

A month after delivery at 109.9kg, I made up my mind to loose the baby weight. I had to loose a total of 35.9kg to get me to 74 kg according to my BMI (I will show you how to calculate it). So i started exactly on the 1st of February 2013 and today I have lost a total of about 16kg, through dieting and exercising only.  I still have about 19kg to go.

I am still very much in the race to loose all the weight, so I hope you are ready to join me lets do it together and motivate each other! I will be posting loads of pictures very soon please bear with me. I love you guys.

God bless you,


  1. The first step to solving a weit loss problem is identifying u have a weit problem. U have acknowldged that it is food, weldone with this. Unlike ur colleagues in the big dept (don't want to say fat) with their lame excuses for being big ; oh its not food, I don't eat much, I hv big bones, Its in my genes, I am big cos I hv rest of mind, as if me I dnt hv rest of mind cos am a size 0. Bullshit!!! U go girl, keep at it.

  2. Tanks Chilez, ur blog is goin to help lots of people fight d bulge. Big ups girl.

  3. Yes. Loosin weight is all abt acceptin d fact dat u hav a problm nd decidin to do smthin abt it. It takes a lot of determination and perseverance too. A friend of mine who shed tonnes of unwntd fat also motivatd me to tackle my weight problem head on. Previously, i 'd jogg for at least 2hrs a day, 5 days a week bt never shiftd on d scale cos i ate too much food.(my thinkin bein dat sinc i excercised, i cld eat as mch as i want nd burn it. Sori, it dosnt work dat way) now i'm doin thins diffrently. I excercis moderatly, i cut out a lot of crap frm wat i eat, i use salt nd sweetners very minimally nd gradualy d weight is comin off. I jst beg God for d will power to kip at it cos i'd lyk to see my waist again.

  4. I've been on d weightloss stuff I will say'all my life'I watch wat I eat,exercise but I still fail and add weight baby is 10months now and I'm still breastfeeding.I weigh 110kg :( not goal is to lose 25kg.i love ur determination n I hpe to achieve my own weightloss goal too.

  5. Ifeyinwa Okeke17 May 2013 at 21:08

    Congrats gun, you have been a source of motivation for sure cos I've watched you drop from hundreds to nineties. Admire your drive for sure. Kudos girl.