Thursday, 23 May 2013

# motivation # Motivation monday

My inspiration: Before and after pics

Hi sweets, so I checked my weight last Saturday (as we do weigh-ins on our bb group chat)and to the glory of God, I have dropped another 1kg, bringing my weight down to 93.2kg from last week.....yaaayy!!! Today , I want to show you guys my before and now pics and also that of my friends Ifeadi and Uche. These women are my inspiration really, they are full time working mums and wives and they did it the natural way. Through good food and exercise the kicked the fat away. Trust me you can too, just put your mind to it and be persistent, it might take some weeks, but you will definitely see changes. They have almost achieved their weight goal, but me I have a long way to go oooo! Lol. Ok here are the pics, enough talk talk.....

This is Ifeadi, 19kgs lighter! See another picture of her below...
Here she is again above. It took her about 9 months of hard work to get here today. You go girl!

This above is Uche she lost a total of 15kgs in 6 months.., isn't she Lovely? correct chic!

And last but not the least, this yours truly (above). lol. lost about 16.9kgs in 4 months. I must say i am proud of me and my friends. I never know i could do this naturaly and without pills. Trust me you can too, lets do it together. Just set your mind and lets GO!!!

God bless you.


  1. Wooowza!!! U guys are awesome! Jealous much..congrats!

  2. #screaming#
    Tochelli , so you got this going and didn't tell me. Oya Oya, gimme your  pin quick qquick then start telling me how to start the weight reduction thingy cos me i don commot from person Tay Tay. Oya, abeg, I'm waiting.

  3. wow see my people o, u girls inspire me so much,congrats girls, lets go there,i pray am able to have some before and after pics like u girls . wooooooowwwwwww.

  4. wooooooow, congrats girls. U guys inspire me a lot and to think Uche does not have a gym membership blows my mind. i pray that one day i will have a before and after pics. welldone cheliz for sharing this. wooow

  5. Ifeyinwa Okeke24 May 2013 at 14:41

    Wow, Cheliz love this is so awesome n very encouraging. Nothing is impossible and its all natural. Congrats to you all. Let's keep pushing and like you guys I will have my own story one day n looking fabulous in it.

  6. D only word i can say ryt nw is 'amazballs!!! U guys rock. Dis is so inspirin. Where d hell are my trainers, am so getn on dis train.

  7. tochi my sis ur looking grate how i wish i have friends around me to wrk together but on my own am trying just dat i sit alot in d office for hrs and i dt gym but eat light. its nt an easy tin our women long throat will not allow but God will help me. Keep it up its gud for us.kudos

  8. Hey dea please add me to the BB group, I can do with some motivation, by the way i know Ifeadi *winks*


  9. I nid to get on ds train pls,ow do I go abt it pls,cheliz ruby pls contact me on ( wil b vry glad to hear frm u

    1. Hi dear, its pretty easy. I will contact you then we can talk. Take care.