Thursday, 16 May 2013

Making basic changes.

In my opinion, weight loss management should be a total lifestyle change and not just a "fantastic" one week diet that when you stop it, all the weight quickly creeps back into your life and makes things worse than they were.

Today, i want to gist you about the basic changes i made in my life when i started this journey(i keep saying journey because it feels like one. make una no vex o. lol). Loosing weight isn't easy, i wont lie to you but its very doable, the key word here should be discipline. These basic changes allowed me to drop major water weight within the first few days of starting.

  1. I replaced coca cola and chivita juice with fresh fruit blends and smoothies. I blend different fruits together for breakfast and it tastes great! Hint: did you know that the more you cut down on artificial sweets, the less you crave them? well its very true.
  2.  I stopped eating late at night. i ate my last meal of the day 3 hours before bed time. i put a bench mark at 7pm. I never eat after 7 pm! Hint: this alone will reduce your tummy size within 2days.
  3. I drank loads of water. it keeps me full always and keeps my metabolism going and flushing impurities from my system. did you know that for a healthy life you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Bloating is a common concern for many dieters. Avoiding drinking too much water for fear of worsening the situation is actually the worst thing to do. You need to do just the opposite: drink more water! Hint: store your water in several bottles in the fridge, it makes it easier for you to access on the run.
  4. I switched my dinner to just vegetables. I stopped having rice or beans for dinner.
  5. Now here's the hard part hahahaha! no fear.  I cut white bread, white rice, sugar, butter, and milo from my life totally. After the first month and loosing 7kgs, i introduced wheat bread, and ofada rice into my life.   
 These things may seem hard at first, but trust me little changes like these will make you a better person and a healthier body. Your body must obey and drop the kgs withing a few days of changing your lifestyle even without exercising. But remember everything must be in small portions!

 Finally let me give you an example of my daily meals:
Breakfast @ 9am: A glass of lemon water, 2 apples, 2 mangoes, 1 banana, 1 boiled egg and a bottle of water.
Snack @ 11am: a hand full of cashew nuts and a bottle of water.
Lunch @ 2pm: 10 table spoon fulls of boiled beans, small veg salad and stew with fish and  a bottle of water.
Snack @ 4pm: 1 avocado pear, 2 oranges and a bottle of water.
Dinner @ 7pm: steamed Ugwu leaf mixed with crayfish and onions and a nice piece of chicken. Washed down with two bottles of water for the night.

See, with style I have drank 6 bottles of water which is almost 12 glasses!!!! haha!. You can jazz things up any way you like but stick with natural foods and watch your portions. Before you know it, you'll reach your goal.
         God bless you,

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  1. Very good food plan, I need to improve on my water intake & reduce sugar. Nice one. Wink!