Thursday, 30 May 2013

I Can't do without water!

Water is such a big deal that we can't overlook, it has so many benefits that if i start to state them, i wont finish today. I used to drink water a lot but it was never 'do or die' for me so, i didn't find it difficult at all drinking it to loose weight and look good. Personally i think drinking water has really improved my life, my skin tone is more radiant, and i feel very healthy.

When i started gyming at first i thought i needed to drink warm water to heat up my body and melt the fat, but i think i got it wrong because, according to some scientists and researchers:

  • We need to drink lots of ICE cold water to loose weight. i.e while the body tries to heat up the cold water for its use, it increases its metabolism, thereby burning energy (calories). They also say that our body burns an extra 95 calories daily just by drinking water. Can you imagine that?! That is good news to me o.
  • We need to drink at least 3 liters (8 glasses) of water per day for our body to function properly and at least 10 glasses for people like us trying to loose some weight.
  • Drinking a glass or 2 before each meal will help you eat less. It keeps you half full so you eat less than you normally would. And guess what, you loose weight since you are eating less!
  • Water is also a cleanser, it cleanses your liver, pancreas, kidney and keeps your body free from impurities. Drink water first thing in the morning after you wake up, you'll get a good bowel movement afterwards. lol.

The only downside i see from drinking lots of water is going to the loo more often than you normally would, which is also a good sign that your organs are working well.

Now i know some people will be wandering "how will i store this water for drinking now or have enough water with me every time?" Like i said in previous posts, this weight loss thing is all about determination and sacrifice. So take out the time, make an effort for your own good. How i do mine is that i fill four 60cl bottles with water and store in the freezer,(i drink up to 10 bottles a day) so i just pick them when i need because i hate going to the water dispenser often. you can try my style and see if you like it. Be strong, we will get there. If not for anything, please drink water for your own good.

God bless you,


  1. What tha!! 10 60cl bottles of water a day!! That's 6 friggin litres!!!! That's suicidal! It is adviced we drink 2-3litres a day max! Have u ever heard of water intoxification? Too much of everything is bad! Too much water kills! Abeg o! 3 litres is the max I'll advice.. Make person no go die cos of weight loss... U can google it for more info... Small small o ma sista! It is well...

    1. Dear Fabulousity,yes i can drink up to 10 60cl bottles of water a day some times,i drink 5, some times 3, depending on how busy i am but, i drink water a lot general because i am a very active person. Don't forget i am a nursing mother, so i need as much water as i can get. Yes, i know about water intoxication and you can only get it if you drink so much water at once. please note that the kidney of a healthy adult can process up to 15litres of water a day, but the trick is to drink it over a period and not at once. If you sweat a lot and are very active, it is advised to drink at least 3 liters of water a day, coupled with the fact that we are in a very hot climate. Water is good and yes, we must not over do it. Thank you very much Fabulousity, i appreciate you and please don't hesitate to comment on more topics to come. God bless you.

    2. Okies, I concur, *covers face* my bad. God bless u too ...