Friday, 17 May 2013

Fruits in season.

There is no better gift in the wellness world than fresh fruits and veggies, especially seasonal fruits. Many of them have good health benefits and are very good for weight management. Try as much as you can to take advantage of fruits in season, they are cheaper and easy to access. Weight loss management isn't expensive if you stick with nature.

Mangoes are great for weight loss, They inhibit the development of human fat cells. One mango containes the right amount of vitamin C you need per day. This fruit is a fat buster!!!

Pawpaws are also high in vitamin C, a good source of fibre, low in calories and aids in digestion. Most fruits that are very filling are good for weight loss.

Watermelons Are very low in calories, rich in antioxidants, very filling and is 92% water. How good is that?

Avocados are one of my best fruits. You know why? Because, it's full of natural fats, monosaturated fat which is good for weight control. It's also very very filling. I love to eat it for breakfast especially, or I dice them into my raw salads. Please eat this fruit in moderation Abeg, no be me send you message o.  Lol. 1 small one or half of a big one is enoughfor a day. Enjoy!

Pineapples are great too, they aid in digestion and prevent 
inflammation and swelling. It contains Thiamin which is said to help metabolize carbohydrates. They
 contain natural sugars for those of us with sweet tooth, I do a blend of pineapple and banana smoothie sometimes, it's divine! Remember, portion control is key.
It is advised to eat your fruits 1 hour before meal time, this keeps you full, so you don't eat too much at meal time and it aids in digestion.

God bless you. 


  1. Yea! Sometimes I use avocado pear as spread for my bread with a lil salt. Yummy

  2. Cheliz lala, good one :) but what about people like moi that likes to chop akpu after a hard day's job nko( but in moderation oh)

  3. Wen u get to d point where u train ur mind to accept d fact dat natural nd nutritious foods, fruits nd vegs is d way to go, u ll never get tired of experimentin wit dis amazin gifts of nature nd u ll kip getn amazin results both in ur health nd looks. Take for instance, sour sop nd bannana. Remove d skin nd seeds of d sour sop, freez it for a few mins, (dnt allow it to get blockd) nd blend wit a bannana. D result is a delicious, creamy smoothie dat u jst cnt get enof of. Try it nd u ll wrinlke ur nose at d thought of ice-cream. Nd wat is more, sour sop fights cancerous cells.

  4. Cabbage is my go to veg wen it coms to weight loss. I find it a bit dificult crunchin it though so i chopp it up nd straight to my blender it goes. I squeez in a lemon for dat tingy zestness. By d tym its ready, evrythin is intact, fibre nd all nd dats why i prefare my blender to d juicer cos wen it coms to fruits, its only a few of dem dat evn d skin should be wasted. Nd since some of us can develop sensitive teeth eatin all of d dem all of d tym, blend it nd drink it. Easier dat way. Thumps up Chilez

  5. Udu Akommiri,
    Will less alcohol lead to weight loss?

  6. Yes. Infact, if u realy nd seriously want to loose weight, it is pertinent dat u stop takin alcohol. Alcohol is full of empty calories. Dt is, u increase ur caloric intake witout feelin full cos u ve actualy eaten nothing. Infact, u get hungry most tyms after takin alcohol. To loose weight, u mst expend more calories dan u ingest. Thus u hav to watch ur portion nd d number of tyms u eat per day. U cannot effectively do dis while takin alcohol. So u must stop takin alcoholic beverages. Fresh fruit juices (not d packaged ones pls) will benefit u more while tryin to loose weight. Bless u