Monday, 27 May 2013

Exercising regularly and not seeing results?

Lets not deceive ourselves, we know the real reason why we are still overweight, its because we over eat and then stay inactive. the earlier we tell ourselves the truth, the better. identify your flaws, and look for a way to fix them. Ask yourself, is it bread, icecream, sugar,cake, candy? Which ever it is, cut it OFF!! Research shows that if  you replaced your 1 bottle of  coke a day with a bottle of water in a year, you cud loose up to 10kg without exercise.

Tell me, whats the point of going to the gym, spend 2hrs, come back home and down a large bowl of akpu and egusi soup with extra large piece of meat, pomo, cowleg, and 'roundabout' washed down with ice cold orobo coke?  Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with eating akpu and co, you can eat what you love and still loose weight. The issue is with the portion size. (now you feel me abi) hahaha!

I  still get cravings o, i allow myself 1 cheat day per week.  I eat what i love from time to time, mostly on Saturdays. I eat them in very little portions, i don't over do it and i don't use it as a reward for loosing some weight. Rather i do it because my body needs it, so i don't go back to binge.

If you keep at this bad habit (overeating after your daily exercise)if you like exercise for 5 hrs a day, and don't change, you wont loose weight. you would only be burning the food which you ate and your body weight remains the same. I call this the Zero effect.

Guys, please lets stay strong, keep active and eat less of what our body does not need and more of fruits and veggies for a healthy body.

God bless you,


  1. cheliz, it is hard!!!!! so hard!!! you see food in front of you and you say NO to it. chai, it takes special powers biko.

  2. Hmmm, it is realy hard my dear oo but, definately not as hard as bein d fatest person at an event. Not as hard as seein one beautiful gown nd walkin past it not bcos u dnt av d money to buy it bt bcos its below size 18 or 16 as d case maybe nd stil, nt as hard as seein ur former classmates with whom u are in the same age bracket nd duckin bcos dey ve not changed one bit but u are nw competin with dia mums in luks. I can go on nd on. Truth is loosin weight requires a lot of discipline, dedication nd determination without which no overweight person can see his or her waistline eva again!

  3. This is so so true. i couldnt stop laughing at the meal combo washed with ice cold orobo coke...lmao!