Thursday, 30 May 2013

I Can't do without water!

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Water is such a big deal that we can't overlook, it has so many benefits that if i start to state them, i wont finish today. I used to drink water a lot but it was never 'do or die' for me so, i didn't find it difficult at all drinking it to loose weight and look good. Personally i think drinking water has really improved my life, my skin tone is more radiant, and i feel very healthy.

When i started gyming at first i thought i needed to drink warm water to heat up my body and melt the fat, but i think i got it wrong because, according to some scientists and researchers:

  • We need to drink lots of ICE cold water to loose weight. i.e while the body tries to heat up the cold water for its use, it increases its metabolism, thereby burning energy (calories). They also say that our body burns an extra 95 calories daily just by drinking water. Can you imagine that?! That is good news to me o.
  • We need to drink at least 3 liters (8 glasses) of water per day for our body to function properly and at least 10 glasses for people like us trying to loose some weight.
  • Drinking a glass or 2 before each meal will help you eat less. It keeps you half full so you eat less than you normally would. And guess what, you loose weight since you are eating less!
  • Water is also a cleanser, it cleanses your liver, pancreas, kidney and keeps your body free from impurities. Drink water first thing in the morning after you wake up, you'll get a good bowel movement afterwards. lol.

The only downside i see from drinking lots of water is going to the loo more often than you normally would, which is also a good sign that your organs are working well.

Now i know some people will be wandering "how will i store this water for drinking now or have enough water with me every time?" Like i said in previous posts, this weight loss thing is all about determination and sacrifice. So take out the time, make an effort for your own good. How i do mine is that i fill four 60cl bottles with water and store in the freezer,(i drink up to 10 bottles a day) so i just pick them when i need because i hate going to the water dispenser often. you can try my style and see if you like it. Be strong, we will get there. If not for anything, please drink water for your own good.

God bless you,

The Power of Workout Videos.

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When i started my weight loss journey, i didn't exercise until after a week then i joined a gym close to my house.I went in the evenings, It helped a lot but because i didn't have any one to watch my kids till i got back, i had to stop after the first month and resume my workouts at home. My friends (also my weight loss buddies) encouraged me to try it, that it works if i stay true to it. so i did.

I ordered for my first DVD (Billy Blanks Boot camp_taebo) online and it came after some days, i so loved and still love this workout video because its fun and Billy motivates me along the way.  It makes me sweat a lot, that way i know I'm burning calories. It remains my favorite. I also used Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred for over a month and lost a lot of kilos.  There are other amazing videos that you can try out at home (I'll give u a list later) especially if your a stay-at-home mum and you don't have time to go to a gym. You can start with two videos and alternate so you don't get bored. Trust me these videos work, i used them for over 2 months and it gave me amazing results, the key thing is consistency. You must workout for at least  20 minutes day and 3 times a week to see results. Good luck on this and i hope you like the idea. Here is a list, you can order online on Amazon. Remember before you start any routine, always check in with your Doctor first.

  • Billy Blanks boot camp  taebo
  • Jillian Michaels 30 day shred
  • Jillian Michaels 6 week, 6 pack
  • The insanity workout (not for learners) with Shaun T
  • Hip Hop abs workout with Shaun T
  • The firm 500 calorie workout
  • Pregnancy, get your body back after baby workout
There are many more, but get any of these and work your way to a lean and sexy body in no time!

God Bless you,

Monday, 27 May 2013

Exercising regularly and not seeing results?

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Lets not deceive ourselves, we know the real reason why we are still overweight, its because we over eat and then stay inactive. the earlier we tell ourselves the truth, the better. identify your flaws, and look for a way to fix them. Ask yourself, is it bread, icecream, sugar,cake, candy? Which ever it is, cut it OFF!! Research shows that if  you replaced your 1 bottle of  coke a day with a bottle of water in a year, you cud loose up to 10kg without exercise.

Tell me, whats the point of going to the gym, spend 2hrs, come back home and down a large bowl of akpu and egusi soup with extra large piece of meat, pomo, cowleg, and 'roundabout' washed down with ice cold orobo coke?  Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with eating akpu and co, you can eat what you love and still loose weight. The issue is with the portion size. (now you feel me abi) hahaha!

I  still get cravings o, i allow myself 1 cheat day per week.  I eat what i love from time to time, mostly on Saturdays. I eat them in very little portions, i don't over do it and i don't use it as a reward for loosing some weight. Rather i do it because my body needs it, so i don't go back to binge.

If you keep at this bad habit (overeating after your daily exercise)if you like exercise for 5 hrs a day, and don't change, you wont loose weight. you would only be burning the food which you ate and your body weight remains the same. I call this the Zero effect.

Guys, please lets stay strong, keep active and eat less of what our body does not need and more of fruits and veggies for a healthy body.

God bless you,

Thank you.

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I just want to use this time to say a very big thank you to you guys, for all the views and comments so far. I am very grateful indeed and you have given me the ginger to do more lol. I pray that God gives us the grace to continue in this race till we all achieve our goals in Jesus name.

A lot of people have been asking me for the lemons in a bottle, and meal plans. I have placed an order for them, when they come in i'll let you know.  Kindly send me an email on for requests.

Again, please if you have an inspiring story that has to do with weight loss or wellness or anybody you know that has gone through such great changes in their lives, kindly send me an email too so i can feature them. your story might just inspire a lot of people. i look forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much.

God bless you.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

My inspiration: Before and after pics

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Hi sweets, so I checked my weight last Saturday (as we do weigh-ins on our bb group chat)and to the glory of God, I have dropped another 1kg, bringing my weight down to 93.2kg from last week.....yaaayy!!! Today , I want to show you guys my before and now pics and also that of my friends Ifeadi and Uche. These women are my inspiration really, they are full time working mums and wives and they did it the natural way. Through good food and exercise the kicked the fat away. Trust me you can too, just put your mind to it and be persistent, it might take some weeks, but you will definitely see changes. They have almost achieved their weight goal, but me I have a long way to go oooo! Lol. Ok here are the pics, enough talk talk.....

This is Ifeadi, 19kgs lighter! See another picture of her below...
Here she is again above. It took her about 9 months of hard work to get here today. You go girl!

This above is Uche she lost a total of 15kgs in 6 months.., isn't she Lovely? correct chic!

And last but not the least, this yours truly (above). lol. lost about 16.9kgs in 4 months. I must say i am proud of me and my friends. I never know i could do this naturaly and without pills. Trust me you can too, lets do it together. Just set your mind and lets GO!!!

God bless you.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Another easy meal plan.

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Sweets, here again is another easy meal plan which you can jazz up to your taste, but please no sugars or artificial sweetners are needed, those things make you bloated trust me.

As you wake: a warm glass of lemon water

Breakfast @ 8am: a small bowl of oats mixed with 1 medium chopped banana.( add apples if you like), A hot mug of green tea and a glass of water.

Snack @ 11am: 2 oranges, some chopped pineapples and a glass of water.

Lunch @ 2pm: sweet potato porridge mixed with dried fish and ugwu leaves. Drink 2 to 3 glasses of water after.

Snack @ 4.30 pm: 2 apples and a glass of water.

Dinner @ 7pm: raw vegetable salad, washed down with 3 glasses of water for the night.

In the morning, notice how refreshed and light you feel after a visit to the loo. Hahahaha! Start you day again with a nice cup of lemon water or just plain warm water! 
Remember portion control is key!

God bless you.

Plan your time.

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Good day sweets, here are some more tips that help me get thru the day and and makes life easier for me.  I always have a meal plan! Every day I wake up I plan my meals for the day, I even count calories sometimes when I have the time (check: to count calories) this helps me to know how much food I need to eat for the day and how much more calories, proteins, sugars, fiber etc i need. See, you might think this is too extreme, but trust me it helps, weight loss is all about discipline.

For those that work long hours in the office and don't have time to go out for lunch or buy healthy foods around, I recommend, u get like 3 transparent bowls and a pack of zip lock (check shop rite) start by making some fresh fruit salad, load 2 bowls with it, then chop some vegetables (carrots, cabbage, cucumber, even chopped chicken or fish) however you like, load the third bowl with it then, make yourself a nice cheese sandwich ( i personally love Gouda and Cheddar) and pack in your zip lock. If you don't like cheese try sardines or tuna sandwich with wheat bread. I'm sure some people are asking "where is the time to prep all these things?" well I'm sorry to say you either sacrifice your time or remain overweight and pudgy. When you get to the office, pop them in your fridge so u can eat when your hungry. This helps to keep you in check so you don't binge on all them fried and baked snacks. I swear by the time you are done with the 3 bowls, you won't have space for any more meals. Always drink plenty of water after meals.

You can always jazz up your meals with chopped boiled chicken or turkey, fish,  lemons, apple cider vinegar, but please no sugar or heavy salad dressing.

Some people asked where they could get green tea and lemons. OK, I have a particular brand I love it's called legend tea and it's very affordable, there are other great brands and almost every pharmacy store sells them. I also love taking Twinings fennel and sweet nettle cleanse tea. I buy my lemons in a bottle already squeezed so it's easy for me to store. Remember guys, in everything you put in your mouth, portion control is key and you don't need to starve yourself to loose the weight!!

God bless you.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Partner up!

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All the things I have talked about so far, are very dear to me. for instance I wake up every day or most days with a cup of green tea and/or a glass of lemon water, then a bowl of fruits for breakfast. I have made it a norm in my life, i have made it a lifestyle so much that its a crime for me to eat any processed food. Don't get me wrong o, I indulge once in a while, infact it is advised that you make out "cheat" days so you dont binge on foods you love.

All these wont be possible if i didnt have friends that held my hand and corrected me when i went wrong as per my meals and exercise schedule. if you remember, I told you guys earlier that a friend of mine invited me to her group chat on bb yes,we formed a bond and we help each other to loose weight, we still do.

Look around you, pick a close friend or friends that you can trust, someone who is serious minded, the two or three of you can join forces and encourage each other as you go along. Go to the gym togeether, eat together, set rules, make meal palns etc. It helps a great deal. I can honestly say that without that my friend, Ifeadi (i hope she wont shoot me for mentioning her name) I wont be where i am today.....healthy and loving it! God bless you Ifeadi. I pray for grace for us all, so we can reach our goals.

God bless you.

Green Tea.

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Hi there, hope you had a lovely weekend. I wish you a blessed week ahead. Today, its all about green tea. As a weight watcher,and an adult in general,  green tea should be your best friend. It has so many health benefits that i might not be able to highlight all of them here today, but let me try.

  • Green tea, has important antioxidant, and compounds that help in maintaining a good health and boost our immune system.
  • It lowers blood pressure.
  • It prevents tooth decay.
  • It sharpens your mental alertness.
  • It has the potential to fight cancer and heart disease.
  • It increases metabolism. it intensifies the rate at which the body turns food to calories.
  • It helps to regulate the glucose level in the body, slowing the rise of blood sugar after eating. this can prevent high insulin spikes and fat storage. great for diabetics.
  • It has been proven to help improve the skins beauty and reduce signs of aging. 

Please note that Green tea contains tanins which can decrease the absorption of iron and folic acid, so its not ideal for pregnant women or women trying to conceive. Don't forget to check with your doctor before you start any weight loss programme.

Please don't let the taste of green tea deter you.  I mix my green tea with lemon all the time, try yours with ginger and honey, tastes great! 

God bless you. 

Friday, 17 May 2013

Fruits in season.

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There is no better gift in the wellness world than fresh fruits and veggies, especially seasonal fruits. Many of them have good health benefits and are very good for weight management. Try as much as you can to take advantage of fruits in season, they are cheaper and easy to access. Weight loss management isn't expensive if you stick with nature.

Mangoes are great for weight loss, They inhibit the development of human fat cells. One mango containes the right amount of vitamin C you need per day. This fruit is a fat buster!!!

Pawpaws are also high in vitamin C, a good source of fibre, low in calories and aids in digestion. Most fruits that are very filling are good for weight loss.

Watermelons Are very low in calories, rich in antioxidants, very filling and is 92% water. How good is that?

Avocados are one of my best fruits. You know why? Because, it's full of natural fats, monosaturated fat which is good for weight control. It's also very very filling. I love to eat it for breakfast especially, or I dice them into my raw salads. Please eat this fruit in moderation Abeg, no be me send you message o.  Lol. 1 small one or half of a big one is enoughfor a day. Enjoy!

Pineapples are great too, they aid in digestion and prevent 
inflammation and swelling. It contains Thiamin which is said to help metabolize carbohydrates. They
 contain natural sugars for those of us with sweet tooth, I do a blend of pineapple and banana smoothie sometimes, it's divine! Remember, portion control is key.
It is advised to eat your fruits 1 hour before meal time, this keeps you full, so you don't eat too much at meal time and it aids in digestion.

God bless you. 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Making basic changes.

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In my opinion, weight loss management should be a total lifestyle change and not just a "fantastic" one week diet that when you stop it, all the weight quickly creeps back into your life and makes things worse than they were.

Today, i want to gist you about the basic changes i made in my life when i started this journey(i keep saying journey because it feels like one. make una no vex o. lol). Loosing weight isn't easy, i wont lie to you but its very doable, the key word here should be discipline. These basic changes allowed me to drop major water weight within the first few days of starting.

  1. I replaced coca cola and chivita juice with fresh fruit blends and smoothies. I blend different fruits together for breakfast and it tastes great! Hint: did you know that the more you cut down on artificial sweets, the less you crave them? well its very true.
  2.  I stopped eating late at night. i ate my last meal of the day 3 hours before bed time. i put a bench mark at 7pm. I never eat after 7 pm! Hint: this alone will reduce your tummy size within 2days.
  3. I drank loads of water. it keeps me full always and keeps my metabolism going and flushing impurities from my system. did you know that for a healthy life you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Bloating is a common concern for many dieters. Avoiding drinking too much water for fear of worsening the situation is actually the worst thing to do. You need to do just the opposite: drink more water! Hint: store your water in several bottles in the fridge, it makes it easier for you to access on the run.
  4. I switched my dinner to just vegetables. I stopped having rice or beans for dinner.
  5. Now here's the hard part hahahaha! no fear.  I cut white bread, white rice, sugar, butter, and milo from my life totally. After the first month and loosing 7kgs, i introduced wheat bread, and ofada rice into my life.   
 These things may seem hard at first, but trust me little changes like these will make you a better person and a healthier body. Your body must obey and drop the kgs withing a few days of changing your lifestyle even without exercising. But remember everything must be in small portions!

 Finally let me give you an example of my daily meals:
Breakfast @ 9am: A glass of lemon water, 2 apples, 2 mangoes, 1 banana, 1 boiled egg and a bottle of water.
Snack @ 11am: a hand full of cashew nuts and a bottle of water.
Lunch @ 2pm: 10 table spoon fulls of boiled beans, small veg salad and stew with fish and  a bottle of water.
Snack @ 4pm: 1 avocado pear, 2 oranges and a bottle of water.
Dinner @ 7pm: steamed Ugwu leaf mixed with crayfish and onions and a nice piece of chicken. Washed down with two bottles of water for the night.

See, with style I have drank 6 bottles of water which is almost 12 glasses!!!! haha!. You can jazz things up any way you like but stick with natural foods and watch your portions. Before you know it, you'll reach your goal.
         God bless you,

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Lemons Lemons Lemons!!!

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The use of this super fruit in weight loss and general wellness, can never be over emphasized. I have been using it for 2 months straight and it works wonders. Here are some of its benefits:

  1. General wellness: Lemons have very strong antibacterial, antiviral, and immune -boosting powers. It's a liver cleanser, fights infections and suppresses high blood pressure.
  2. Acne removal: lemons contain citric acid which can be effective in treating acne . The vitamin C found in citrus fruits, is vital for a healthy glowing skin. a).With your fingers or cotton ball, apply fresh lemon juice on acne and leave it on over night, it may pinch a little but, it will stop. Rinse off with Luke warm water in the morning. b) for oily skin remedy, whip 1 egg white till its thick, mix in a pinch of corn starch, and a tea spoon of lemon, apply to face for 20 mins and rinse off thoroughly.
  3. Abolish fatigue: lemons have been proven to have a calming effect, and therefore may be able to have a calming effect and remove fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness and tension. Also helps to improve concentration and alertness. Drink at least a glass of warm lemon water daily.
  4. Eradicates cold fevers: when you are down with a cold flu, just make yourself a hot cup of freshly squeezed lemons mixed in water and honey. Drink several times a day , you'll get instant relief.
  5. Weight loss remedy: this is my best here lol. Lemons help the body to regulate its metabolism and sugar absorption in the manner that helps you loose extra weight. The secret lies in the acidity content in a lemon. Lemons are rich in citric acid, so when you take a glass of lemon in plain warm water first thing in the morning, you introduce healthy natural digestive aid into your stomach. The citric acid from the lemons end up interacting with other acid and  enzymes in your digestive tract which results in a healthy and problem free digestion. 
    Here's my special way of making a nice cup of lemon drink; I add 2 table spoon full of freshly squeezed lemon to a cup of warm or hot water, I add honey to it sometimes for extra sweetness depending on my mood. It's that simple and very delicious. You can add apple cider vinegar to yours or drink plain with just water, but please don't add sugar to it. I drink this first thing in the morning then after my morning exercise, I make myself a nice fruit only breakfast. Do this and you are sure to drop at least 1 kg per week. 

 There are many more wonderful uses of lemons, but I only wanted to highlight 5 of them. I hope you benefited from this post, kindly comment below and let me know what you think. 

God bless you.